Am I a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?


Are you suffering from your teeth bad color? Can you stop drinking tea, alcoholic beverages, or coffee? How about giving up tobacco and cigarette? The first step to having white teeth for a long time is following the necessary instructions and dentists’ recommendations. If you are logical, controllable, decisive, and healthy, whitening process can be your best cosmetic dentistry process. In contrast, if you keep on smoking and drinking regularly after whitening your front teeth, you will need more than this process. It depends on whether you are an ideal candidate for the whitening process. And as a dentist performing Mississauga teeth whitening explains, besides lifestyle, there are other essential matters, such as your health condition; with certain diseases, the whitening procedure may not be suitable for you. You can read our post to check out the excellent candidate situations.  

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Teeth Whitening? 

As we said, some injuries and health conditions make your teeth yellow and dark. In these cases, whitening solution cannot be an ideal solution. If you perform this process, you only waste your time and money. 

It means these health conditions are beyond the control, so whitening teeth won’t be responsible. Also, age is significant for the positive or negative results of the whitening process.

Older people may have more yellow teeth, which are resistant to the whitening process. Generally, an ideal candidate for this cosmetic dentistry process is a young and healthy person without regular habits. 

Also, the enamel of this ideal person must be enough qualified. Thin enamel makes teeth darker and more yellow. Are you embarrassed by your smile and teeth color? You can try the whitening process, but there may be other procedures.

Don’t be disappointed; try to find another dental procedure to whiten your dark and yellow teeth. 

Mississauga teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening Is Not Good for Everyone

The dental condition is the most important thing to consider before teeth whitening. People with less dental filling are not good candidates for this cosmetic dental process.

 Moreover, gum health condition is essential to consider. Imagine your gum tissues have some problems and your oral health is not good; what whitening process can help your teeth color? 

The tone of yellow color teeth is also fundamental because some people are born with yellow color, and it is not possible to whiten their teeth and make their teeth brighter.

You can experience the whitening process but may not get the positive result you demand. There are some particular conditions in which people never perform the whitening process. We are going to mention these conditions: 

  • Pregnancy condition
  • Having dental filling
  • Experiencing dental implants
  • Having dental issues with crowns
  • Having dental problems with a dental bridge
  • Younger than 16 years old
  • Having special disease
  • Having teeth decay
  • Having dental cavities
  • Having exposed root
  • Allergic people
  • Having sensitive tooth

If you don’t have any conditions mentioned, you can go to a dentist and ask for teeth whitening. You can be a good candidate without any above situations.