Attract New Customers with Healthcare Postcard Marketing 


Direct mail continues to dominate the marketing world even today. Using new ideas and technology, healthcare marketers can now conduct highly targeted direct mail campaigns. 

Healthcare institutions or hospitals can combine their digital marketing and healthcare direct mail efforts for the best results. But, they need to try out different combinations and find the ideal ones that suit best according to their brand. This way, they can excel in both and bring more conversions. 

Though this combination is powerful, some companies have restricted themselves to digital marketing only. And so, they are missing out on a lot of opportunities. 

But, what makes direct mail marketing more impactful? 

The fact that people today are overwhelmed with digital clutter and are now looking for a break. 

It doesn’t always have to be a marketing gag or a high-paying advertising campaign to grab attention. It can also be very simple mechanisms such as designing an

Let’s go through the details! 

There are several direct mail collaterals that can help you reach your brand’s message across to your audiences. These items bridge the gap between you and your prospects. You can convert them into customers with the right offer and call-to-action. 

Postcard marketing performs great with their compact size and eye-catching design and people like receiving them in the mail. Postcards don’t require envelopes and hence, one of the many reasons have high open rates. 

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What is Postcard Marketing? 

Postcard marketing is popular among direct mail marketers right from the beginning. It is the easiest and most cost-effective direct mailing option. For sure, communication via postcards was common in the past. People sent postcards to and fro and loved the process very much. These are excellent communication mediums for every occasion be it Thanksgiving or college graduation. 

Considering these reasons, the introduction of postcard marketing was a no-brainer. Companies started sending postcards as marketing items to attract new customers and existing customers. 

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Postcard marketing is a type of direct mail marketing that helps you reach your target audience with promotional messages and undeniable offers. All marketing postcards are either invitations, announcements, or offer coupons. While postcard marketing seems like an “old school” method, several companies continue to use this tactic to stand out from competitors and capture markets. 

People hold on to using direct mail pieces. Postcards with relevant offers are more likely to be saved by recipients for future use. 

But, do postcards work for healthcare direct mail marketing

If done right, it does. 

Postcard marketing can help brands increase engagement levels and sales. You can segment your mailing lists provided by medical mailing service providers and pull data from different digital channels. These things help in personalization, resulting in gaining more attention. 

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Tips to Attract New Customers with Postcard Marketing 

Acquiring new customers is a constant challenge for brands. They have to find creative ideas on how a company can stand out from the competition and can convince the target audience to buy their product or service. 

Postcard marketing comes to the rescue here. It addresses customers directly and convinces them of your company. 

Here, we have collected the 5 best tips and tricks to attract new customers through a personalized postcard: 

  1. Focus on One Goal 

Before you start, think about your direct mail strategy. Remember that postcards are best when they are limited to a single use, instead of promoting many different offers or trying to reach multiple audiences. In simple terms, just focus on one thing only initially. 

Some examples: 

  • Promote a sale
  • Build your brand or business 
  • Remind the recipients of renewal or needed service 
  • Spotlight something new: a new initiative or service 
  1. Bullet Points for Benefits 

Does your audience read the copy? If engaging enough, they do! 

But what makes it look engaging? Usually what you do for readable and engaging copy in a letter or brochure won’t go the same with a little old postcard. 

Your postcard should be quickly scanned by the customer. Make it easier for them to understand their product or service, for instance, by aligning bullet points or other graphic elements. 

Ensure to describe your services using a graphic box and with bullet points.


  1. Make it Easier to Read 

Be smart about your postcard design and make it easier to read. Remove fluff, avoid mentioning irrelevant information, and focus on the essential components to create a clear and concise design. Add a headline that requires fewer words but conveys a great message. 

There should be a clear headline, copy, or visual component on the healthcare direct marketing postcard. Using negative or white space sets certain elements of your design apart so that they are easily readable by your customer. 

  1. Support AIDA with Images 

Follow AIDA to create content – Attention (Get reader’s attention by writing an interesting hook or opening twist), Interest (Keep recipient’s interest in the topic by addressing the problem they face), Desire (Build their desire by outlining the solution of the problem – discuss your product, service, or cause), Attention (Add a quick call to action to make them visit your site and buy a product). 

You may have the best copywriter in place, but on a postcard, using only words to attract the attention of a prospect won’t work, use some photos, graphics, or other visuals. 

  1. Create Urgency and Quick Call-to-Action 

Along with adding readable content and graphics, when you mention some offers, create urgency to make them take action the same moment they read your postcard. 

For example: 

  • Grab an offer now, only 17 hours left 
  • Use festive events (Offer valid till new year’s Eve) 
  • 50% off for those ordering pre-launch 
  • 20% off for today, and many more. 

And to take the process even further, add a call to action that they find easier to go for. At this time, QR Code does the whole job. One scan and reader is now on your website. 

Final Thoughts 

The postcard is one of the best formats to convey your message to the patients or target audience. It also works because they are easier to design and produce quickly. If your healthcare direct marketing firm you hired takes smaller printing and mailing costs, they are perfect when you’re on a budget. 

With a perfect combination, your campaign can stand out from your competition in the mailbox and move customers to take action.