Care For Your Elderly Parents

Elderly Parents

taking care of all the aspects of caring for an elderly parent can be an enormous task for siblings, but an even bigger challenge for an single child. Without a family unit to help support the needs of a senior individual, an unmarried child is burdened with the task of taking care of senior citizens.

The burden of caring for an aging parent has a major consequences for the adult children’s health overall, wellbeing and professional career. Caregiver is likely to be overwhelmed, emotional stressed and might even feel the loss of employment opportunities or a smaller social circle. Here are four suggestions to for caregivers who are on their own:

Use FMLA Benefits

In recent times the family caregiver charged with the sole responsibility of taking care of an older parent can get some assistance with respect to working.

The Family and Medical Leave Act provides workers with 12 weeks of leave without pay to help the parents. The downside is that family caregivers are not paid. Giving up income when money is the most important to take care of Mom or Dad can be a challenging decision.

The Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act gives caregivers the opportunity to take advantage of a practical solution. The law provides employees of an organization regardless of size, with 12 weeks of paid leave due to FMLA reasons. The 12 weeks allow the time to create a feasible health plan that can be implemented for the elderly parent.

Establish a Support System

Certain caregivers with no siblings to count on for support, turn to the support of a spouse who is willing to help. Assistance from a spouse can be invaluable, especially when it is economically essential for the primary caregiver to continue to perform. The spouses can take on the burden of caring for an elderly person equally.

Apart from a supportive spouse, creating a solid support network can help the family caregiver to achieve equilibrium. A single child can contact family members or friends to provide moral support, or even take the senior to the store, or even mow the lawn of the parent.

If a parent is associated with a religious group has the potential to be part of a well-established social network. In the event that a parent is a regular member of the group an adult child may go to the congregation to offer assistance. Members provide friendship, help with meals, and aid seniors to renew their faith.

Faith based care shouldn’t be ignored, as they are a great resource for older adults. They can offer memory treatment, hospice programs, and assisted living services for those who are aging. Religious-based providers of care offer more than just religious programs, but also social and physical recreation as well.

Use Local Aging Programs

The Department of Aging offers caregivers of the family with local, useful sources to assist their parents who are elderly. Its Choices for Care Program, for example, offers families and seniors with the opportunity to become familiar with different local and home-based services.

Parents who have a single caregiver with elderly or income strapped parents may benefit from a based Volunteer Money Management Demonstration program. trained volunteers assist creditors, assist seniors in reviewing and pay their bills, and also manage benefits for their monthly payments, in addition to various other financial-related services.

Family caregivers can seek out resources such as the Department’s Residential Repair & Modification program, that alters the homes of seniors in order to increase security. Renovation services are designed to help make cooking, bathing and climbing stairs more secure for those who are elderly.

A child with only one parent will have a better time assuring Mom or Dad’s security when the bathroom is fitted with grab bars as well as a shower bench. The faucets are replaced by handle levers, and handrails have been put in place on the stairs and ramps are designed to make it easier for people to get into the house.

Hire Respite Care

Caregivers with an exclusive child might also benefit from respite services. A brief break from caring duties refreshes caregivers’ outlook and energizes the person. It also allows her to return to the parent’s home with renewed enthusiasm and focus.

Respite care could be scheduled with a companion who can be seated alongside Mom or Dad as the primary caregiver goes out for shopping in the afternoon or goes on a fitness trip. Respite care could be arranged to provide a few days of help, or an entire day, or even longer.

Although a family member or a volunteer might be willing to help temporarily for respite care, respite care can also be provided by an agency for elder care in the home. Professional respite caregivers perform care tasks while caregivers from the family go to vacation for two weeks or spends having a relaxing day with friends.

It is designed so that it can be flexible and can fit into the caregiver’s schedule. Another benefit of respite services is that it can meet the needs of an emergency. If a child is the sole caregiver and suddenly becomes ill, can count on care for her during the time she heals and is able to resume her caregiving tasks.

The need for frequent breaks from the caregiving responsibilities are vital to keep a healthy equilibrium, avoid burnout, and decrease physical and emotional stress. Primary caregivers get a great deal of help by Assisting Hands home care. Our home care provider provides the most caring respite care to senior citizens.

Respite care in the home benefits all those who is involved all the way from the senior parents to primary caretaker. The benefits for the family caregiver include lower risks of depression, a boost in physical and mental energy, better sleep, and reduced stress. Caregivers also get time to spend with their immediate family members.

Do not let mental health issues or sleeplessness cause you to drift off track and turn to the region’s most reliable respite services. Assisting Hands home care Service providers are insured, licensed and bonded to provide families with complete peace of mind.

The caregiving process, especially for children who are the sole caregiver is a full-time job. As with any other full-time job breaks are essential. Assistance hands Home Care respite care services help ease the stress of caring for yourself. Our caregivers will show up at your home anytime you need help.

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