Causes Of Hair Fall & Right Hair Fall Treatment

Hair Fall Treatment

Although it’s a bit stressful be to observe your hair blocking the drain of your shower and being swept away by long hair strands every day, the process of losing hair is normal. We shed around 80 strands a day, which is why it’s normal to find a lot of hair strands scattered all over your home. However, anything that is higher than that could be impacted by specific factors and it’s crucial to determine the cause.

You can determine the probable causes of hair loss by looking at how your loss appears to be. If you’re losing complete strands of hair that have ends that are rounded This could be due to biological or natural causes like pregnancy, reaction to medication hormone imbalances, or genetics. Broken hair with damaged ends however could be the result of hair loss due to breaking due to extreme temperatures chemicals extreme humidity, or excessive exposure to extreme heat.

Losing hair is a fact that is a concern however, it’s not something to fret about! There are a variety of affordable treatments available to prevent and minimize the many kinds of hair loss. So learn more about your options below.



Utilizing natural ingredients for tackling hair issues is a standard home solution. They’re not just cheap and easily accessible at the home, but they’ve also effective.

A common ingredient in nature which helps to promote healthy hair growth and can stop split ends Coconut milk! It is rich with Vitamins E as well as B and B, coconut milk is brimming with nutrients that can aid to prevent hair loss. Making use of coconut milk as a base ingredient in the creation of a relaxing DIY hair mask will help improve the health of your hair.

For a start on your own home treatment Apply a large portion of coconut milk on your scalp and massage for two minutes before gently spreading it until the hair is completely covered. Apply it for 20 minutes and rinse it off well following.

Another ingredient in nature that can help with the fall of hair includes Aloe vera. It is a source of enzymes that restore dead hair cells on scalp, which promotes healthier hair. Aloe vera is also a conditioner and increases your hair’s elasticity and prevents further loss of hair when applied directly to your scalp. It is possible to apply aloe vera gel on your scalp, and let it rest for a while. Rinse off the gel by continuing with your regular regimen for hair maintenance and then enjoy your nourished and well hydrated hair.


Massaging your scalp relaxes it and improves the condition of your hair. A simple massage of the scalp can increase blood flow to hair follicles. This stimulates healthy hair growth and can stop breakage and loss.

With your fingers massaging your scalp applying gentle pressure with circular movements for 5 to 10 minutes. It can be done after washing your hair using massaging tools, or even if the hair has dried. It is also possible to use essential oils and natural ingredients to relax your scalp while massaging.


Ginseng and fish oil are among the well known tonics that can boost your overall health and immunity and can improve hair growth, too.

Omega-3 present in fish oils is a source of nutrients which aid in opening the hair follicles, and also improves blood flow in the scalp. This helps keep the hair and scalp in good health and stops excessive hair loss. Fish oils are supplements that are commonly consumed as capsules.

Ginseng is frequently utilized in traditional remedies that helps the body and mind. It is typically available on Korean as well as Chinese marketplaces in teas, capsules and medicinal syrups. It’s often employed as a stimulant to help maintain healthy hair and stimulates hair growth because ginseng can increase the production of dermal cells as well as taking care the hair follicles. This magical ingredient can aid in cleansing your scalp, removing the appearance of dandruff and dryness. It can also help alleviate stress, which can be the main reason for hair falling!



Hair that is weak can be seen in different types. It could be limp, thin dry, dull or even falling off. Hair that is weak means it’s lost its proteins, lipids, and moisture. This is typically due to excessive heating styling chemicals or diets, as well as hormonal imbalances.

Hair and scalp issues that are weak can lead to hair loss and breakage therefore you’ll need to choose products that address the health of your hair starting from the roots to replenish what was lost, and to stop further damage from occurring.

Pantene’s Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Fall Control Miracle Conditioner is perfect for those who have weak hair. It’s designed to provide stronger healthier hair from the bottom to root. The anti hair fall treatment duo includes powerful Pro-Vitamins that go deeply into each hair strand, supplying your hair the nutrition were lost, giving it a better nourishment from the inside. They reduce the fall of hair by moisturizing and replenishing hair all the way from roots to tips, to stop split ends and further loss of hair with every wash.