Cosmetic Dental Concerns Considered by Emergency Dentists


As everyone knows, some dental imperfections are not emergencies and require simple solutions from cosmetic dentists. For example, essential teeth whitening methods are performed to remove dental stains or teeth contouring used to reshape misshapen teeth. In contrast, according to one of the best dentists in North York, some complicated cosmetic dental services may be required to address urgent dental conditions. These essential and practical dental services can provide patients with valuable benefits that significantly improve their oral and overall health. This useful article outlines all common emergency dental conditions that require important dental procedures offered by cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dental Options Offered by Professional Emergency Dentists

Fractured or Broken Teeth: As all of us know, our permanent teeth’ natural appearance and proper functionality will be considerably affected when they are chipped or broken for numerous reasons. Those who don’t feel pain or bleeding can wait to see their general dentists at their regular appointments. Severe cases should seek urgent dental care during the initial moments to address their pain and eliminate the risk of further damage. All emergency dentists will highly recommend people gather the broken pieces because, in some cases, they can be reattached to your teeth successfully. Dental fillings, bonding, veneers and crowns are essential treatments that can be used to regain the unbroken appearance of the patient’s natural teeth. Your dedicated emergency dentists will accurately evaluate the severity and location of the injuries to determine which treatment is more appropriate to perform. If several permanent teeth that are located in the front are damaged, your emergency dentists will use dental veneers, which are the highly-requested cosmetic dental option to solve your problem.

one of the best dentists in North York

Missing Teeth: One of the painful conditions that can lead to tooth loss is knocked-out teeth. Although bringing the knocked-out teeth to the nearest emergency dental clinic within the initial moments is a great step to save the teeth, the replanting procedure may fail in some severe cases. In such cases, your emergency dentists will ensure to save the natural look and functionality of your teeth by providing the successful restorative method offered by cosmetic dentistry. The dental implant is the best replacement to look and act like your real teeth. Sometimes, your teeth are severely decayed, and there’s no way rather than dental extraction to stop the spread of infection to all other sites. Since dental extraction can leave empty spaces in your mouth that ruin your attractive smile, all emergency dentists do their best to save your infected teeth with root canal therapy. During this method, the infected parts inside your teeth should be removed using technical tools and then the outer surfaces will be protected with crowns.

Lost Dental Fillings:  This practical dental option can best solve dental decays. Although your dentists will use high-strength materials to solve your condition with dental fillings, they may be lost for several reasons. Generally, urgent dental care is required to prevent the spread of infection and relief the pain. Emergency dentists treating this type of dental issue will do their best to resolve the conditions with new dental fillings or dental crowns.