Dental Implants VS. Dental Bridges, Which Is a Better Tooth Replacement Option?


Although practical and revolutionary, a dental implant is not always the thing to replace your lost teeth. People tend to choose dental implants as they can work permanently without any problems or complications. However, there are always some more economical and less expensive alternatives to dental implants, such as dentures or dental bridges. You may have heard the name of dental bridges a lot or know dentures very well. But you still think you should go for dental implants as it is permanent and last a lifetime. In such a case, you should gain more information about the treatments, their advantages and disadvantages, and also the cost. As the specialists who offer affordable dental implants cost in Vancouver explain, tooth replacement options are diverse and come with specific unique features. That’s why you should search for each well and then choose one of them. Keep reading to get informed about both dental implants and dental bridges.

The Uses and Advantages of Implant Treatment

We all know that missing teeth are a common dental problem that can be solved through implant surgery. They can be permanent and work so similarly to your own teeth if properly cared for. Implant treatment, like any other dental procedure, is associated with some pros and cons. However, the advantages always outweigh the disadvantages, and that’s why it has become very popular and practical. Although extremely beneficial, the treatment is costly and can be the only reason many patients don’t seek implant dentistry. By the way, the natural look that is created through implanted teeth is worth its high cost. Moreover, many insurance companies cover the treatment plan, fully or partially. When you lose a whole arch of teeth, implant specialists can come to your aid. Even the cheapest implanted tooth is far more expensive than other replacement methods like dentures or bridges.

The Uses and Advantages of Dental Bridges

When looking for a cost-effective alternative to replacing your missing teeth, dental bridges come in. Moreover, when you don’t have enough jawbone density, you can go for dental bridges, as the implant replacement will sometime fail. But you can’t replace a great deal of missing teeth with bridges. They are useful for at most four lost teeth. Besides, dental bridges may be harmful to adjacent or surrounding teeth. Bridges can also be produced in various types, such as removable ones and permanent or implant-supported ones. Above all, when you have money, implant surgery is a far better option and alternative.

How to Choose Between Bridges and Implants?

We have explained the cost, advantages and disadvantages of both dental bridges and dental implants. It is now up to you and your dentist to choose the one that best fits your need. Your dentist can consider a thorough assessment of your teeth and oral health and then decide precisely which treatment is better for your condition. Consultation with a specialist or oral surgeon can help you a lot in determining the right treatment for you.