Five Things to DO as a Woman Over 30

Woman Over

As a woman, the 30th birthday can be a daunting one. However, age is indeed just a number and it cannot define us. It cannot define the level of energy you have or how lively you are. 

Our life changes every year, but this change can be felt profoundly at the end of every decade. As we eye up different milestones and set up goals for our progress, health often gets overlooked. This is why it is crucial for you as a woman over 30 to look after yourself and maintain your health to the fullest. 

Maintain Your Look

Year after year on this planet can leave its mark on your appearance. However, this does not mean that you should just give up and not do anything about it. Self-care is an important part of being an adult. This of course includes mental as well as physical health.

Maintaining your look not only includes having a skincare routine or getting dental services but it also includes general well-being things that you need to stay on top of. Without upkeep, you can easily lose your youthful looks. 

Focus on Your Oral Health

Oral hygiene is also a thing that you need to be up to date with. Ignoring your oral health is a surefire way of losing your smile, it can also lead to some serious health problems. This is why oral health cannot be ignored.

There are many services that you can get done such as teeth cleaning, teeth crowning, and other services that general dentistry has to offer. Which can be a way of preventative maintenance. 

Get a Mammography

As you get older the risk of breast cancer becomes a real one. The best chance you can give yourself for treatment is to have a head start. Early diagnosis can mean a greater chance of success in treatment which is why it is critical for you to get mammography regularly. 

It can be challenging to go through the test every couple of months but you can also have peace of mind as a result which is not such a bad thing. Besides, an early diagnosis does provide you with the best chance of survival. 

Visit Your Ophthalmologist 

Visiting your ophthalmologist is also something you need to consider. A checkup every six months can detect a decline in eyesight. You can also get an early diagnosis of something that might be hidden until it gets worse. 

Besides, catching a decline in eyesight can be helpful in mitigating further loss of sight. If you already suffer from eyesight problems this might be time for you to get a little surgery done. This can surely improve your quality of life.

  1. Have Regular Physical Exams  

Having just regular physicals can also help you catch any underlying condition in time. This way you can treat the issue in its earlier stages. Taking care of your body is important, but as we get older, negligence on our end can become a haunting truth for some of us. So, get serious about your life and schedule an appointment for a Physical today.