Foods To Consume Before Running


Similar to having to be aware of the items you should bring during your run, like your medical ID bracelet, earbuds, and water bottle, it’s important to think about your meals before running.

The diet of runners isn’t just essential to maintain their health but also an essential element to achieve maximum performance. It is a fact that foods that are unhealthy affect the performance of runners in numerous ways, which is why choosing the most nutritious foods is a must.

  • Many new runners do not know which foods are best before a run.
  • Today, we want to change that by providing five delicious pre-run food items.

What to Eat Before a Run

While there are many possible snacks you can consume before your run Our top choices are:


Bananas shakes are known to be an excellent source of fast-burning carbohydrates. They are also great to eat before running because they are simple to digest and very portable.

In addition, bananas are high in potassium which is a crucial electrolyte. Since the nutrients in bananas are utilized by the body in a short time taking a banana just before running is likely to help you stay healthy.


Oatmeal is another popular breakfast food option for runners as it’s another great source of carbohydrates. But the carbs from oatmeal are less efficient than bananas’ therefore you may want to include one of them or some raisins with a carbohydrate that burns quickly. The combination of these two will provide you with long-lasting energy to run for a long time.

But, take note that you shouldn’t use lots of high-fiber snacks such as nuts or berries since it could result in stomach discomfort on your run.

A Smoothie

One of the best ways to speed up the digestion process of the food items you select to eat before running is to mix them into smoothies.

Smoothies are also fantastic because of their versatility making smoothies made of fruit, veggies, or a mix of both. You can also add ingredients such as MCT oil electrolyte powder, protein powder, and many other useful ingredients, which will help to hydrate and provide the carbs that you require to power up for your race.


Similar to smoothies as well, yogurt is a delicious snack that’s easy to digest before a run. Additionally, yogurt is rich in carbohydrates and water which makes it a great option to hydrate prior to hitting the road.

In addition, for those suffering from diabetes, eating low-fat Greek yogurt, berries, and yogurt with toast and nuts is a great method to make sure the blood sugar stays in the right range and also provides you with the energy and carbs you require to race.

If you have any medical issue it is crucial to have an alert necklace for medical emergencies or any other medical jewelry to wear during your run in the event of an emergency.

Toast the bread with Nut Butter

Even if there’s no diabetes, a piece of whole grain bread and nut butter of your choice is an ideal pre-workout snack that will fill your energy levels and fill you up until the post-workout dinner.

Furthermore, as there are many nuts and butters available it is possible to find one that is suitable for your lifestyle and tastes.


If you’ve got some of the sweetness, then honey could be a great pre-run snack by itself or paired with any of the other options mentioned. Since honey is digested and absorbed quicker than other sugars It won’t remain in your stomach for too long making it the perfect snack to have before running. But, as crucial to consider choosing what to eat before running is the time to consume food.

When to Eat Before a Run

As you prepare to run it’s recommended to eat for two hours prior to hitting the pavement, and keep the food intake to 300 to 400 calories. Even if you’re planning to be running for a long time it is best to take a light snack during your run rather than eating too much before the run.

The quantity you consume will differ based on your body’s condition and training plan.

If you’ve already eaten a bigger dinner during the day, it’s advised to put off eating for a minimum of four hours before leaving. If you do not, you might encounter stomach pain in the middle of your run.

It is advised to design your eating schedule around your exercise schedule to prevent any of these scenarios.

Getting the Pre-Run Fuel You Need

There’s no need to be starving yourself before your race. Having the right fuel is essential to maximize your performance.

The foods mentioned above will give you the necessary nutrients to go out and enjoy a good run. Combine and mix them up to make an ideal combination that suits your way of life.