10 Health Issues That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile disorder (ED) isn’t only an illness of the body it also has an emotional effect as it hinders sexual activity. In certain instances, erectile disorder in with the passage of time, and could also be caused by health issues. There are many causes of ED are reversible however, in certain instances it is possible to treat it successfully. Here are some conditions that can result in erectile disorder and ways to manage it.

1. Diabetes

This disease affects virtually each vital organ. It does not slack off a man’s his sexual abilities too. Actually, diabetes can cause sexual dysfunction for both females and males. In terms of ED it is because diabetes impacts the blood vessels as well as the supply of blood to various areas within the human body such as the penis. The lack of blood supply can make this organ difficult to achieve or keep an erection too long. Therefore maintaining your blood sugar levels at a healthy level is vital to helping to reduce the chance of erectile disordersets. Studies have shown there is evidence that diabetes mellitus is a significant risk cause of erectile disordersets. But consuming beetroot as well as other foods that boost libido could help to prevent erectile disordersets.

2. Obesity

Obesity may make your sexual health less enjoyable. It’s not just about the physical issues that you experience due to abdominal fat and fatigue, but the narrowing of blood vessels as a result of fat accumulation can put your body at danger of suffering from cardiovascular disease. This affects blood circulation, and can affect the arteries in the penile area which are the areas where blood supply (and circulation) is severely reduced. This can result in a decrease in the erection process and may cause erectile disordersets. Studies show that most people suffering of ED because of obesity are able to recover from the condition within 2 years following lifestyle modifications and exercises. Did you know about other causes that could make you overweight? The marriage is just one of them!

3. Heart disease

Heart disease and Ed are closely linked. If your blood circulation is weakened due to a cardiovascular problem or if you suffer from blood vessels that are narrowed due to plaque or fat deposits, it’s likely cause your performance at bed less than optimal. A lack of blood supply to the penis will make erectile disorder inevitable. But, if you are suffering from erectile disorder and not cardiovascular disease your chance of enduring the same are also very high. Research suggests that when ED begins to bother you and you are unable to control it, you could be vulnerable to heart disease within 2 to 3 years 33.

4. Hypertension

Any issue that hinders blood circulation could lead to erectile disordersets and hypertension, or high blood pressure is among the causes. Because hypertension narrows blood vessels, it restricts the smooth flow of blood, particularly towards the penis. In contrast, having erectile disordersets is a risk factor to hypertension. This indicates how erectile disordersets and hypertension closely connected since both ailments are caused by problems in the vascular system4. In addition to ED hypertension, hypertension can affect the brain.

5. High cholesterol

If we consider that heart diseases and dysfunction in the erectile tract can be interconnected, that means cholesterol issues are part of this spectrum as well. The accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries that give the way to a variety of cardiovascular diseases may also affect the beginning of erectile dysfunction.

6. Parkinson is a degenerative disease

Parkinson is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects motor movement and, in some cases, the cognitive abilities as well. It is also referred to as the old man’s disease. Naturally, when someone has the disease at an advanced age and needs assistance to handle the everyday activities, then erectile disordersets is the least of his worries. However, erectile dysfunction due to Parkinson is a possible cause. If one is suffering from ED at an early age it could also serve as a stepping stone for Parkinson and other forms of disease later on erectile disordersets. In addition to the age of depression, depression can also be an indicator of risk in Parkinson.

7. Peyronie s disease

Peyronie S disease is a benign disorder that causes the curvature, shape or lengthening of the penis erect. It is common for erectile disordersets is among the conditions that people with Peyronie is disease suffer from erectile disordersets.

8. Multiple Sclerosis

MS is long-lasting inflammation in the brain and central nervous system that can affect testosterone production as well. Insufficient levels of testosterone could impact the sexual health of a man and can lead to ED.

9. Depression

We blame poor blood flow as the main reason for ED however, one’s mental health can lead to sexual problems. Research suggests there is a link between depression and ED are inextricably linked and sometimes antidepressants alleviate the signs of ED to a large degree. Certain studies suggest people who are introverts tend to be more vulnerable to depression than other.

10. Sleep disorders

Sleep apnoea can cause a myriad of health issues in men, and ED is only one. Snoring in middle-aged men is more likely to the development of ED in the future or at some point [10].