Healthy Chocolate Treats For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and that can only be a sign of one thing: it’s the season for chocolate. There are many who claim that chocolate is delicious all year long and they’re right. However, by February, chocolate disappears from shelves in a flurry. If you are confronted with a myriad of options for this season, you may decide to pick one that is delicious and offers some health advantages.

When it comes to choosing between chocolate bars or other sweets the more dark the more appealing. Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidant-rich polyphenols, which can help the heart by lower blood pressure. The research suggests that cocoa powder can reduce (bad) LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol (the healthy kind). Choose products that are low-processed to ensure that you’re getting the best quality ingredients instead of harmful fillers. If you’re unsure you can try these seven delicious desserts, from packaged chocolate bars, sorbets and spreads.

Talent Dark Chocolate Sorbet to

Gelato is more difficult to consume than an individual piece of candy which is why it’s a gift that keeps giving. She recommends the dark chocolate sorbet that is made from real cocoa. It’s dairy-free, which means even those with lactose intolerance are able to have a blast. If you’re looking to spice it up with to your dish, add the nuts or sliced berries to add additional flavor and nutrients.

Peanut Butter & Company Dark Chocolatey Dreams

You can think outside the box A little and then you can incorporate this delicious spread in the menu of your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Gift a jar of it to a beloved one or add it into your home-cooked treats. It’s a sweet and delicious spread that made from peanuts as well as dark chocolate, cocoa butter cane sugar, and some salt. Bonaci claims it’s great on slices of nut bread or on fruit, such as the juicy pear or apple as well as a banana or strawberry.

The Chocolates

Theo source top-quality cacao beans from a variety of countries in Central America, South America and Africa. The chocolates it produces are organically certified and fair trade, as well as non-GMO and Kosher. The company has a minimal amount of ingredients including cocoa butter and eliminating sunflower lecithin and soy. Theo’s chocolates come in a range varieties of flavors, however you should stick with dark chocolate such as Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, because of its heart healthy food benefits as well as less sugar levels.

Alter Eco Chocolates

The chocolate used in Alter Eco products is sourced from fair trade, small-scale farmers. The chocolate is organic and made from natural ingredients and no weird stuff, as stated by the brand. Alter sells milk and truffles, dark chocolate bars and other items. Dark chocolate lovers will love the 100 percent cacao Total Blackout bar, or the 90 percent cacao Super Blackout bar, whereas those who prefer a more sweet alternative will probably prefer the 70% choices laced with almonds, sea salt, or caramel.

Hot Chocolate

You can mix the packet of water with it to cut down on calories, however Bonaci suggests that you can gain more flavor and nutrition by drinking health almond milk, which is a source of protein as well as 12 other vital nutrients. Create a batch of it to drink by the fireplace during a cold winter night or while you watch a film with your Valentine.

Dark Chocolate Right Bites

If you’re planning to make the dessert yourself, Bonci suggests these bites that are easy to prepare for a sweet dessert that doesn’t make you feel weighed down. They are made of small dark chocolate chips, prunes, slivered almonds dry oats and crispy rice cereal honey, almond butter cinnamon, and the grated peel of orange.

The Bottom Line

If you decide to celebrate the holiday, Valentine’s Day is a fun event that’s filled with chocolates, as well as other yummy desserts. If you’re careful sweets can be a an integral part of a healthy diet therefore, don’t cut yourself off of chocolate. If you’re craving a treat the occasional treat, these healthier choices offer more nutrients than more processed options.