How To Continue Healthy Relationships When You Work Long Hours


Working long hours is the norm in Singapore. It is the only location in the world where you’ll find yourself waiting until 9pm or 10pm to have your companion attend dinner with you.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that working can quickly hinder enjoying a satisfying relationship. A majority of Singaporeans complain that they do not have time to meet This is likely the reason regardless of the fact that many are averse to software defined networking it continues to live and thrive.

While no one has talked about friends in the past I’m not sure if I’m in error when I say that a lot of Singaporeans aren’t close to friends and don’t feel connected to the wider community.

If you are working a stressful job and are working all day Here are some helpful tips to maintain the close relationships within your family and avoiding being rejected from your loved ones.

Be honest about your timetable and work with other people you love to find time with them

One thing that drives me crazy is when my friends delay their dinner by two hours, after having already had a meal in the restaurant because their boss sent them an email.

It’s not it’s the reality that these people have to work all day, but that it’s completely inexplicably unpredictable. When it happens, my person suddenly disappears from my life and then appears after a while, muttering something concerning “having to settle some stuff at the office”.

Unpredictability can destroy relationships, due to broken promises and unscheduled appointments. If your schedule at work is truly that challenging and unpredictable, then you’ll need to be honest about the circumstances to allow people to adjust their expectations.

For example, if you are aware that your boss will often make you stay at the office until 11 pm Don’t tell your child in a vague way that you’ll return to game Xbox with him later in later in the night “if you have the time”. If you work until 10 pm, don’t claim that you think you can make it for dinner, but you’re actually not certain.

The best thing to do is be open with your family and friends around you on the types of hours you work and seek out some time to get together instead of trying unsuccessfully to agree to invitations that could be derail by a single mail from the boss.

For example, if you work long hours with your colleagues, you will agree and decide that the ideal time to get together is on weekends or late at night to have an evening drink. Do not just say that they’re “not free”. You can talk to them about your workload and schedule, and it will help them feel less unimportant.

Set and follow your rules at work

The fact that you’re willing to work for long hours does not mean you’re entitled to no limitations. Being ready to work hard isn’t the same as being able to put in 48 hours of work without rest or leap off a mountain if your boss insists that you do it.

It is important to be aware of what’s beyond your reach and tell them no when you are required to violate the law. It doesn’t mean you have to tell your boss that at 6pm they refuse to do OT or that your mobile will be off during weekends. Your boundaries define the things you will never allow in the law of.

Each person’s boundary is different, and you have to establish your own and then enforce them out of them.

If, for instance, you are parent, you may choose that, in the case of an emergency medical situation which involves your child, you’ll be on leave immediately, regardless of how hard your boss tries to bribe you.

If you’re a new executive, you may decide that while you’re enjoying dinner with your acquaintances, you won’t be checking your phone or respond to emails because it’s disrespectful and there’s nothing to be done that won’t wait one or two hours.

Setting healthy relationships boundaries can help you feel more at ease with your work-life balance. Even if you do work long hours, keeping boundaries is crucial to show those you love the attention and respect that they deserve.

Optimize any time you have

Anyone who is working long hours is aware how time can be a precious resource. How can you manage to do it all 50 or 60 hours per week, and still find time to visit your loved ones?

There are a myriad of possibilities to answer there is one thing for certain: the hours of playing Candy Crush as the latest Korean drama plays on the background are certain to not be helpful.

The hours of work are getting more and more extended in Singapore however it doesn’t mean that Singaporeans are using their time in a more efficient manner. In fact, the web and all the commotion of tablets and smartphones have led us to waste more time than we ever have, and what is being sacrificed is moments with family and friends as well as sleeping.

If you’re spending a lot of time working unproductively working, mindlessly playing games on your mobile or browsing online forums, you only have yourself to blame if are left with no one to talk to and children who don’t even recognize.