What’s The Reason For The Rise In Heart Attacks Among Young People?

Heart Attacks

The amount of heart attacks that occur in the United States is lower than any time before. That’s a great thing, isn’t it? But don’t rejoice yet as there’s a problem that’s troubling Heart Attacks Among Young People are rising in younger adults below 40 years of age, which includes those in their 20s and 30s.

Understanding the causes of the increase in heart attacks among young adults can allow you to take measures to safeguard your health and reduce the risk of developing heart disease. The experts at Cardio Metabolic Institute, we are experts in analysing your risk and creating an overall plan that will aid you in beating the odds and prevent heart attacks.

Heart Attacks Among Young People are increasing in people

A few years ago heart attacks were mostly the concern of older adults. It was not common for anyone less than 40 years old to suffer heart attacks. Today, 1 in 5 heart attack victims are less than forty years old. age.

Another troubling fact that can draw attention to the problem: having an attack on your heart in your 20s or in your early 30s is a more common.

Your chances of survival aren’t higher after an attack on your heart simply because you’re older. Patients who suffer from an attack of the heart in their 20s and 30s are at risk of having the same dangers like older patients. When you suffer your one Heart Attacks Among Young People for the first time, you are at the same risk of dying in the event of a subsequent major heart event or stroke, no matter how old.

A major risk factor for heart attacks that are early

If you’re suffering from diabetes, you’re about 2-4 percent more likely suffer from heart disease than those who do not have diabetes. The problem arises when blood sugar levels aren’t managed well enough to maintain it within a healthy level. A high level of blood sugar damages the blood vessels in your body and increases the risk of fats accumulating in your arteries, cause atherosclerosis.

People with diabetes are more likely to suffer from other health conditions which significantly increase the likelihood of having a heart attack like high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol.

Young adults are becoming increasingly diagnosed with hypertension

Hypertension, also known as the high pressure of blood, has been identified as among the most significant risk factors for heart disease. As with the increase of cardiac attacks, prevalence of hypertension is growing more rapidly in young people than older people. The high blood pressure causes the heart muscles more swollen and damages blood vessels and increases the chance of having heart attacks.

Obesity and overweight are major elements in heart attacks

Being overweight can have a major influence on your chance of suffering an attack on your heart for a variety of reasons. First, extra weight places a greater burden for your heart. Being overweight alone increases the risk of likely to suffer an attack on your heart even though your overall health is good.

But, patients who are overweight or obese typically have other health conditions which affect their cardiovascular health, like diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Vaping and smoking cigarettes are the most significant risk factors for heart attack

Of the many things that can trigger heart attacks among young adults Smoking cigarettes is one of the most risky causes. Your chance of suffering an attack on your heart increases proportionally to the amount that you consume. Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day increases the chance of suffering an attack on your heart compared to non-smokers.

Although smoking cigarettes is a greater risk of triggering heart attacks compared to vaping, you’re free of responsibility when you use vaping. Vapes are laced with nicotine as well as other harmful compounds that increase the rate of your heart and raise the blood pressure. A recent study showed that smoking e-cigarettes increased your risk by 34percent more likely suffer a heart attack when compared to non-vapers.

Substance abuse is a drain on your heart

Experts are still analyzing the effects that marijuana can have on the heart however they are aware that it increases your heart rate, and also increases your chance of suffering an attack on your heart. The heart related effects of Cocaine however is established. Cocaine can increase the heart rate, tightens your blood vessels, and increases the blood pressure. All of which are linked to heart attacks.

A lot of heart attacks can be prevented since you can alter your risk factors through lifestyle changes and utilizing medication if necessary to safeguard your health. You can find all the assistance you require to prevent heart attacks by visiting the Cardio Metabolic Institute.

We have an expert team of cardiologists, experts in weight management and physical therapists who are ready to offer holistic medical care that targets the risk factors for cardiovascular disease regardless of age.