Holistic Sanctuary – A Holistic Medical Spa That Treats Mental Illness and Substance Abuse


The Holistic Sanctuary is a world-class holistic medical spa that specializes in the use of powerful modalities and cutting-edge therapies to heal patients. Not a drug rehab, Holistic Sanctuary helps individuals recover from mental illness and substance abuse by utilizing natural therapies and avoiding the use of toxic medications and outdated theories. The medical staff is comprised of experienced practitioners who have a passion for the healing arts. There are no invasive procedures or dangerous side effects, making Holistic Sanctuary a safe and effective environment for patients.

Treatment options at The Holistic Sanctuary

The Holistic Sanctuary offers an array of treatment options for drug addiction and mental health issues. In addition to providing holistic rehab, this treatment program addresses the underlying causes of addiction, which can increase relapse risk. Patients may choose from a variety of treatment options, including drug rehab, detox, and dual diagnosis therapy. Here, you’ll receive the best treatment options available, and will be well on your way to recovery. michaelkorssitesaleonline


The price for the Holistic Sanctuary treatment can be quite expensive – from $50k to $50K per month in various locations worldwide. This exclusive treatment combines the Pouyan Method with plant-based medicines such as ayahuasca, which is a naturally occurring drug in the rain forests of West Africa. Ibogaine is a highly-prized sacred earth medicine. Although classified as an entheogen, it is said to be the most effective treatment for addiction.


The Holistic Sanctuary is a world-renowned medical spa that treats mental illnesses. The holistic treatment approach allows the medical staff to get to the root cause of the patient’s ailment and offer remedies that modern medicine cannot. Holistic treatments include ayahuasca and daily massages. Holistic treatments are non-invasive, and the staff also offers meditation and yoga sessions. At the Sanctuary, patients are also encouraged to consume 80% raw food, and ayurveda and meditation are also popular. travelworldinfo

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Johnny Tabaie’s supervision

The Holistic Sanctuary is an exclusive hangout for addiction patients. Its unique combination of holistic methods, a peaceful environment, and healthy diet has resulted in 90 percent success rates for recovering addicts. Those who attend the program can expect to see a change in their lives in as little as a month. The Holistic Sanctuary’s philosophy is that the recovery process begins with the individual, and then progresses from there.

Experiential therapy

At The Holistic Sanctuary, you can experience the best in luxury holistic medicine with the Pouyan Method. The treatment is completely different from traditional western treatments and is designed to help patients cope with issues like drug addiction, PTSD, and depression. This treatment relates Sacred Plant Medicine to the cure protocol, which means you can experience the ultimate health benefits without going through conventional Western medicine. This treatment focuses on the human spirit and the inner healing power of plants.