All You Need To Know About The Breast Reduction Surgery


Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that involved surgically removing tissues and fats from the breasts of a person, whether male or female. The reasons for getting breast reduction surgery can vary from person to person. One of the most prominent groups of people who get this procedure is the Female to male transgender personnel. For them, big breasts are usually associated with body dysphoria. Other reasons may include, but is not limited to, having uneven breasts, big breasts causing a different type of body problems like back pain, etc.

If you are considering breast reduction surgery…

Make sure to properly consult your doctor about the topic. And inquire about all the gory details which may be involved in the procedure. In this questioning and answering session, the doctor will ask you about your medical history regarding your breasts as well. It is to make sure about the precautions that need to be taken before or after the surgery if any. Apart from that, they will also measure your breasts and scan them to get a proper understanding of said breasts.

Fair warning: some of the questions and pre-surgery procedures may seem very intrusive and uncomfortable but they are necessary for your well-being.

You need to be physically and mentally well prepared for the surgery. Surgeries are very complicated procedures and usually involve a lot of immuno-compromising risks. And reduction surgeries are quite permanent, so you need to be sure about getting it. No second guessings.

If you are not ready for getting the surgery in any way, then the doctors may refuse their service towards you, as they are always there for your well-being. They would never perform a procedure that may prove harmful for you or may cause you lasting damage post-surgery- whether physical or emotional.

Bodily autonomy is important but sometimes consulting about these kinds of medical decisions with your friends and family may prove worthwhile. It’s as they always say: measure twice, cut once.

If you have already decided upon getting a breast reduction surgery…

Then you need to prepare your body for the surgery. Eat well to build your immunity, wear loose and clean clothes for the proper care of your breasts, clean the breasts with a clean damp washcloth, apply good quality creams or ointment (ask your doctor about which products would be good for proper care), and lightly have them covered with clean gauze.

The doctors may recommend avoiding some of those above-mentioned steps as the time for the surgery draws close.

The types of Breast Reduction Surgeries:-

  • Anchor/Inverted-T/Wise Pattern Breast Reduction
  • Lollipop/Vertical Breast Reduction
  • Donut/Benelli Breast Reduction
  • Breast Reduction with no vertical scars
  • Liposuction

Ask your doctor about each of these procedures and which one would be the best for you, your requirements, and your needs.

Post Surgery Care

The proper post-surgery care is usually instructed by your respective surgeon or nurse in charge. They base their instructions on their previous accessions of your body and your breasts. Different types of breast reduction surgeries may result in different types of after-care being prescribed to them. Additionally, it depends on their own body and functions. Therefore, the specific type of care needed after a breast reduction surgery may vary from patient to patient.

However, the general care that is consulted by all doctors usually instructs the patient to:

  • rest
  • take their medication on time which involves the intake of oral pain medicine or antibiotics (in case of an infection risk)
  • not miss the doctor’s appointment for proper checkup, and removal of bandages and stitches when the time comes.

Finally, the recovery period after the procedure may vary from person to person, no matter how healthy they are. Even if they do follow all the instructions properly.