Mesotherapy Hair Regrowth Treatment in Chennai

Healthy Hair: A Guide to Getting Full, Shiny, Strong Hair
Healthy Hair: A Guide to Getting Full, Shiny, Strong Hair

The growth of hair is a vital thing for every human being. If you have been suffering from some hair problems, you will surely seek help from Ayurveda or medicines prescribed by doctors. However, here, mesotherapy for skin and hair is gaining more popularity. 

If you want a good growth of your hair strands, you need to take care of your roots and strands. If you have less time in hand, you need to make time for yourself. This will always perfectly help you, and when you follow the mesotherapy sessions, you will get better things. Here, check out more about this treatment in brief.

What is Mesotherapy: 

Mesotherapy is a treatment applied for hair regrowth by injecting a solution of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins into the scalp. 

The method allows the components to nourish the follicles of hair so that it gets better benefits from the ingredients. Not just hair regrowth, hair fall can be treated by this method, as it makes hair shinier, and stronger, thickens thinned strands, and stops premature hair loss. If you are looking for such treatment, you have to opt for Hair Regrowth Treatment in Chennai. 

You must have seen how celebrities have the best skin and hair; they also use this treatment to rejuvenate their hair. You have to sit for twenty to thirty minutes of the session, and when you complete the entire course in three months, you will find yourself glowing.

Mesotherapy for hair regrowth: 

When you opt for Mesotherapy at Hair Clinic in Chennai, you will get injected with a nutrient-filled serum to the roots of your hair. This will stimulate the growth of new hair and the existing one will become healthier. It will also stop hair fall. You will feel no pain from this injection and there will be no incision pain afterward. Cosmetic products are added to the procedure for hair regrowth as it increases blood circulation.

You will have to attend at least five to six sessions at the clinic, and at the end of the cycle, you will get the best result. The entire process takes six months to complete and you will get the full advantage of it. When you opt for the treatment there might be slight swelling on the injected areas, but that will go down in a few days.

Things to pay attention to after Mesotherapy:

When the therapy finishes, small wounds from the injections will stay on your scalp, and they will take some time to heal. So you need to take care of things like, 

  • You must not wash your hair with shampoos for at least three to four days. This is mainly because the mix of water and shampoo can delay the healing process. 
  • Avoid exposing yourself to the sun for two to three days at least. 
  • Avoid swimming at all costs. You have to refrain from this activity within the ten hours of getting Mesotherapy. You have to wait until the injection wounds heal properly. 
  • You also have to avoid going to the sauna for seven days after the therapy. 
  • Do not massage the injected areas on your scalp until the wounds are healed completely. 
  • Avoid consuming alcohol. If you consume alcohol after having the therapy, it will harm the treatment. 

There‚Äôs also no risk in this therapy, and to get more information on Hair Regrowth Treatment in Chennai, you can contact the clinic.