What Makes Naked Yoga Beneficial Than Normal Yoga?

What Makes Naked Yoga Beneficial Than Normal Yoga

The word Yoga, almost everyone must have heard about, and some of them have also been practising it as their daily routine, but the word Naked Yoga might be new for you. You might know the word Naked Yoga either as Nude Yoga or Nagna Yoga. Apparently, all those words mean the same – it’s just the difference of global languages.

Some of you might think of Naked Yoga as it is something related to the word NAKED or some level of intimacy. Although it is practised without clothes, it has nothing to do with intimacy.

Coming down from urban fitness practices to traditional ways, Yoga is being practised by many public figures who love their fitness, anatomy, and freedom. The Yoga practice without clothes undoubtedly brings inner peace and balance of mind, and that’s why its variant known as Nude Yoga has been taught by many yoga teachers.

The History Behind the Nude Yoga:

India is the origin of Yoga and evolved in adopter countries, in many other ways, and from that’s where other forms, such as Power Yoga and many others abstracted. Many people think of nude yoga as a new form of fitness that came into the market, but in reality, it has been performed from ancient times by Aghori sadhus, Digambar Jain, and many other ascetic communities of India. 

The originators of Naked Yoga used to believe that and somehow also proved that the nudity in yoga connects your body with soul and helps to control human desires. As it is being originated in India, it was known limited to Indian sadhus and fitness lovers, who used to know the secret of Yoga. 

With the secrets of yoga shared among the world, now many countries (such as the USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Australia, and Spain) and the majority of Hollywood legends practice nude yoga to balance their beauty and fitness goals. The above-mentioned countries have places (clubs) for people who want to perform Naked Yoga, as its benefits are hard to ignore. 

Speaking of benefits, let’s have a look at the benefits of Naked Yoga.

Benefits of Naked Yoga:

Strengthens Mind and Body Connection:

The instructors of nude yoga interpret it as a form of spirituality. During its practice, you may discover many mistakes that you miss while wearing clothes. In the practice of naked yoga, you touch your organs, which intensifies your body’s connection with the brain. Because of this, the fact stated, nude yoga is the synchronization of soul and body.

Helps Mind to Stay Calm:

According to many yoga experts, nudity in yoga sets the pure form of meditation as it makes practitioners familiar with the body alongside bringing health benefits. It rectifies negative thoughts/feelings, like jealousy, hatred, lack of confidence, stress, depression, anxiety, and many others from the tangled thoughts and helps to experience spiritual peace by harmonizing the body, mind, and soul.

Develops the Sexual Activity Understanding:

Naked yoga is definitely not in association with any sexual intimacy but helps to understand your sexuality closely. Among other life necessities, sex is considered to be covering an essential space of nature and must be understood at a given point in time. Moreover, practising with a partner helps to increase intimacy and improve the relationship.

Boosts Body Image:

Many people practice naked yoga to enhance their body posture/image and self-esteem. No matter at what place you practice it, ultimately, it helps you love your body and life by increasing both your mind and physical positivity.

Provides Innumerable Health Benefits:

Apart from the above-mentioned health benefits, naked yoga also enhances your overall strength, stamina and improves flexibility of the body, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, and brain functions. By improving those functions, nude yoga promises a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Naked Yoga Promotes A Healthy Way of Living:

Yoga does provide many benefits, but naked yoga has different effects on your body, mind, soul, and healing systems. Many people do think of Naked Yoga as obscene, but it is also hard to resist the benefits it provides in the matter of loving yourself and life. Once you start to respect yourself physically and mentally through the essence of nude yoga, it starts to burn your negative thoughts and thus promotes a healthy way of living.