On the path to wellness: Lifestyle interventions for living healthy

living healthy

Living healthy is often construed as very tedious. You have to kill everything that gives you happiness, eat pulverized greens, make gym your other house, be meaningful in everything that you do.

When you envision healthy living as something so aspirational yet unachievable, you then tend to write yourself off. Of course, that is something that you are not going to be able to do. So, might as well enjoy the prime ribs, sit in front of the TV, and go out just to grab the deliveries.

However, healthy living does not have to be so difficult. You can take small and steady steps to the path of wellness. Tiny interventions along the way can help you have a better life, so you don’t have to be a constant at the Internal Medicine Specialist in Karachi.

Lifestyle interventions for better health

Fat is not all that bad

Whenever we think of fat, it is thought with negative undertones, which is sort of very unfair. There are good and bad fats, both. While yes, the saturated fat is bad for health, causing the pileup of bad cholesterol in your arteries, weight gain in and disrupted processes around the body. lifesay

However, the good fat is vital for your health. It helps in moderating the bad cholesterol. It is also imperative for your cognitive health as well. So, opt for fatty fish, nuts, olive oil etc.

Food does not always have to be complicated

Just because you want to live healthy does not mean that you give up on all foods that you like; it just means that you be smart about the choices that you make.

You should give preference to fruits, vegetables, whole-grain, nuts, and seeds. Try to cut back the consumption of refined flours and sugars. Foods that are calorie-dense but devoid of nutrition needs to be avoided like the plague.

You may make these unhealthy choices once in a blue moon, but don’t make a habit out of it. Taste, don’t eat.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

For to live a healthy life, it is vital that your water intake be sufficient. Water is required for many essential processes around the body, and thus, its adequate supply is a must. engineerontheroad

Dehydration can also cause the energy levels to plummet and pose the risk of constipation as well. Hence, make sure that you drink enough water.

Smoking is not an option

Smoking might give you the high, or maybe it is the nicotine rush that your body is so used to, but smoking is something you must give up on.

There are so many dangers of smoking to your body so much so that living healthy is mutually exclusive with smoking. Your eyes, sexual health, cognitive health, heart health, digestive health, bones, and muscles are all affected by smoking cigarettes.

Hence, it is vital that you take steps to manage your nicotine dependence. Some people try nicotine replacement therapy, while others are able to quit cold Turkey.

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Sleep is important

The trope that the lesser you sleep, the healthier you are is an entirely wrong conceptualization. Sleep is not you wasting time, but sleep allows important processes to occur around in your body.

Therefore, it is vital that you protect your sleep like a dear child. Have a fixed sleep time; you must follow the circadian rhythm by sleeping during the night and staying up during the day, as that is vital for your hormones to function properly.

Similarly, prevent the use of screens before bed. Try to avoid eating in bed, as not only can that disrupt your sleep, but also pose the risk of GERD, commonly known as acid reflux. There can be conditions that can mess with your sleep, leading to insomnia. It is suggested then you consult an Internal medicine Doctor in Lahore for resolution of the issue.