Significant Side Effects of Root Canal Therapy


It is frequent for people to experience aches when they eat or apply pressure around a specific area in their mouths. In most cases that you have a toothache, the rational decision that comes to your mind is to make an appointment to visit your dentist as soon as possible. Actually, the only one who can help you find the best solutions to get rid of your dental issues is your dentist. One most frequent reason that can cause toothaches is tooth decay and cavities. In some cases, your problem needs a dental filling to be adequately treated. Still, your dentists will determine through close examination and an x-ray if a root canal is the best opportunity for you in more complex conditions. This particular dental method is needed when the nerve or pulp of the tooth has been infected. According to the best dentist in Westminster, root canal therapy is a valuable dental procedure to save a badly damaged tooth rather than removing it completely. Here we provide some information to help you become familiar with this method and its possible side effects.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

The root canal is one of the dental restorative procedures to fix an infected or damaged tooth. It should be noted that most general dentists can do this procedure, but it is better to refer to an endodontist for further treatments to cure more complex conditions. Root canal therapy includes creating a small hole in the tooth to reach the canal, then the infected dental pulp, and usually, the roots will be removed carefully. The canals will be cleaned and filled with unique materials. When the procedure is completed, the tooth will be covered with a dental crown then your repaired tooth will function the same as the surrounding teeth. If your dentists recommend root canal therapy, you should immediately find professional specialists to treat your problem. Leaving them untreated can cause more complex issues such as faulty crowns, a large filling, and deep decays.

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Choosing proper dental procedures will significantly alleviate pain and help you maintain a beautiful smile. So knowing the advantages will help you to choose the best treatment. Some of root canal therapy’s benefits include preventing the spread of infection into the surrounding teeth and tissues, preventing the formation of abscesses in the tooth, and reducing your toothache in the blink of an eye. 

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The Side Effects of Root Canal Therapy

However, root canal therapy can be very beneficial. It may have some side effects. It is impossible to remove the dead tissue and infected pulp entirely in some cases. Sometimes, side canals may be damaged during the procedures, and their decays attract the breeding of infection and bacteria. You may wonder if you hear that root canals may cause inflammation and chronic diseases. According to trusted researchers, root canal therapy can cause some life-threatening illnesses.

 As we mentioned above, in some cases, bacteria remain even when the root canal is completed, so your dentists will prescribe some antibiotics to solve the problem. Using antibiotics has harmful side effects.