Smile With Grace With The Help Of A Lip Lift Surgery


Appearance matters, the way you talk, your personality is all very important, but one cannot take the appearance and your looks off the charts. Therefore, our scientists have researched and developed several types of plastic surgery options, lip lift surgery is one of them.

Anyone who wants to have more pronounced and larger upper lips can go for cirugía de levantamiento de labios. Lip fillers are quite popular for this job, but it is a temporary solution, and you need to go to the clinic every year for the injections. Lip lift surgery is a simple and permanent procedure that can be finished within 20 to 60 minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of A Lip Lift Surgery?

A lip lift surgery, unlike the lip filler technique, is a permanent way to enlarge your upper lips and make them look pumped. It also reduces the gap between the nose and the lower lips. The gap is called “philtrum”, the surgeons work to remove tissue from that area and increase the number of pink tissues in that area, which helps make the upper lip look fuller.

Lip lift surgery is a painless process, as it is done with local anaesthesia. It leaves just a little scar that is well hidden under the shadow of the nose. At the end of the surgery, your upper lip will look much fuller and larger, and with the philtrum gap reduced, your pout face will look much brighter.

The price to get a lip lift surgery can be anywhere between $2000-$5000. The surgery takes less than an hour, but there are some pre-and post-surgery measures that the patient must follow for a safe operation.

What Are The Pre- And Post-Surgery Measures To Keep In Mind Before Surgery?

Any person taking lip lift surgery is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol 48 hours before the surgery. Like any other surgery, the patient is recommended to take Vitamin C tablets for two weeks before the surgery so that he/she remains in a healthy state during the surgery. 

Another important thing to keep in mind before and after the lip lift surgery is that smokers will face problems during the period. The doctor may ask you to quit smoking for a few weeks before and after surgery, as it can affect the effects of the anaesthesia.

After the surgery, you will have to act with care around your face and mouth area, while sleeping, eating, or while brushing your teeth as well. These precautions have to be taken for a few weeks post-surgery.

Surgeon For A Lip Lift Surgery

One should always look for a reputed surgeon or a medical facility for your surgery. In a lip lift surgery, the intensity of the scar left after the surgery depends upon the precision and accuracy of the surgeon.

You can ask around your neighbourhood or search online for a reputed or popular surgeon for your surgery. You should also beware of fake or unprofessional surgeons, who may offer to do your surgery at a very low price. It can be extremely dangerous for you if the person doing your surgery is not a professional, therefore it is best to spend some money and go to the right place.

A lip lift surgery is a great way to fix your face pattern and make your upper lips look larger. Even though many people prefer the lip filler technique over this surgery. It is because many people get 

little nervous with the word “surgery”, but there is nothing to be afraid of, it is a safe and tested technique for permanently bettering your lips.