How To Pass The Swab Test With Listerine Strips?

How To Pass The Swab Test With Listerine Strips

From printers and fax machines as well as wired internet connections Wi-Fi and large computer systems to small mobile devices – the world is changing. However, the advancements aren’t restricted to technology.

This test for consumption of drugs has also changed and was replaced with Saliva drug test which, is, as the name suggests is based on saliva, not urine. It’s more accurate for accuracy and speed, faster, more pleasant and can detect when drugs were consumed recently and is not as invasive as urinalysis that requires that the substance be processed in order to be identified by the test, meaning that the process may be lengthy.

This is certainly a major accomplishment in the field of medicine. It’s also good news for police and corporations since they can tell if somebody has been taking drugs or is not.

But, this is definitely terrible news for addicts. If someone is identified as a drug user, they may be denied opportunities such as positions on the team sports and could even lose their job due to their use of drugs.

But the truth is, as Shakespeare once wrote “all glitters isn’t gold”. It is true that the Saliva drug test is not without loopholes which allow people the ability to take it.

One of them, which has received a lot interest, is made with Listerine and based on numerous experiences, it does work. It sounds like a stretch, but research has gone further to prove that you is able to pass a drug test using Listerine Strips. It is effective.

Additionally, it comes with easy and inexpensive components and overall, it’s an affordable method that has a excellent success rate, making it worth trying.

How to pass a swab test with Listerine strips?

In the meantime we’ll begin with the steps you have to take to avoid your saliva test through the aid of Listerine.

You have to stay clear of drug use for at least 48 hours

The test has been designed in such a manner that can be used to determine the presence of drugs in a person who has recently. There’s no reason to explain to explain why when you stop the use of drugs for at least 48 hours prior to taking the test, your chance of the test revealing your antics will decrease. how to pass a swab test with listerine strips.

It is suggested that you avoid drinking alcohol for a period of more than 48 hours. It is said that three or four days are sufficient, however at least 48 hours are the minimum.

Eat and drink to keep your mouth swollen

Every one of us has been exposed to concentrated and dilute in chemistry classes, I’m certain. For those who aren’t aware, these two terms are used to describe the ratio of a substance with its solvent. This might sound a bit complicated I’ll provide an example in layman’s terms:

Let’s say you sucked in a single drop from an object of sharp. From that single quick hit you breathed in millions activated THC molecules. In these THC molecules, some reverberate in your mouth, and then combine with saliva to create an concentrated saliva that is enriched with THC compounds.

In order to reduce the level of THC in your saliva, it’s recommended to consume more food and drinks than you do. In this way, you increase the diversity of molecules present in your saliva. The THC in your saliva could transform from a huge bass in the smallest pond, to tiny fish in a huge pond.

Another method to accomplish this would be by eating foods that stimulate saliva. This could include lemonade, sour candy, as well as apples. It is recommended to consume all of this in moderation, avoiding popcorn and carbonated drinks because they can dry out your mouth, which you shouldn’t do prior to the saliva test.

Dentistry is the primary factor

Similar to step one, I believe this one is fairly self-explanatory as well. In short, the more clean your mouth appears from the inside, the greater chances you will have of passing the test.

The difference between the normal dental hygiene you do and the dental hygiene that you do on a daily basis is due to an oral swab test is two poles apart.

In contrast to the former requirement, you are required to brush your teeth more often than two times a day. The people that have completed the exam advise that you floss at a minimum of 4 times in a each day.

In addition, you must also brush longer than the amount suggested by dentists to brush that is two minutes. You should at least brush for four minutes for best results.

Another great tip is to floss your teeth so that you can get to places where the bristles of a toothbrush cannot reach, such as the gaps that are tight between the teeth.

Remember that the goal is to get the maximum amount of THC possible from the mouth. So in this instance: The more the more fun.


Then, when day of the test arrives then you must get all crazy. Complete the steps 2 and 3 as crazy.

Consume and drink as many saliva-stimulating foods as you can, so you can ensure that THC that you get from the saliva of your mouth is difficult to locate as a grain of sand in an empty bag of flour.

Also, head to the bathroom to clean your teeth, but as previously mentioned it is now time to brush your teeth hardcore. It is recommended to increase the time from 4 minutes to 15 to 15 minutes. Make sure you end up with at least a tube of toothpaste to achieve the optimal results.

While you’re there the most significant aspect of passing the exam is with the use of Listerine.

The experts recommend that you swallow a teaspoon of Listerine at least four times, then gargle it and hold it for about an hour before pouring it into the bathroom.

Accentuate the word at least.

The best way to accomplish this is to put Listerine inside your mouth, holding it inside for about a minute before exuding it out of your mouth, then waiting an hour, and then repeating the procedure.

For best results, repeat the procedure in such a way that people started taking a shot every occasion you use Listerine and they pass out of excessive drinking within 30 minutes. If you’d like to go higher, you can swallow the Listerine.

It’s what I’m sure you’re likely to tell me. Yes it is true that holding Listerine within your mouth more than 30 seconds is similar to the sting of fire ants that are left in your mouth.

The pain is temporary, but regret lasts forever.

The pain that is equivalent to 100 fire ants inside your mouth will be worth it in the end and will prevent you from missing the chance due to the use of drugs.

1 hour prior to the test

If the saliva swap test is one hour away it is imperative to take action quickly. You must get your hands on a packet of Listerine strips. If you don’t carry them with your shelf, you can get them from the local pharmacy for a small amount of money.

  • After you’ve got the strips, apply 2 Listerine strips into each cheek over your tongue, under the tongue.
  • The reason for this is to ensure that the molecules that weren’t targeted by the brushing or flossing are eliminated.
  • When the strips are dissolving and your mouth is filled with water, then gargle, then splash it in the sink. Repeat another time.
  • The time goes by and there’s not enough time to be able to benefit from the test – for example, around 30 minutes. You will need to repeat the process over and over again.
  • When you’re finished with all of the steps, there’s low chance of being positive.
  • If you’re like me, the thought of even the slightest chance of happening could cause you a shiver of anxiety.

To deal with this, put some Listerine into your mouth, then gargle, and then rinse your mouth with water. This way, the prospect of getting positive results decreases, and it drops from around a quarter up to a minuscule amount!

If you are suffering from extreme anxiety then I recommend you bring along small salty snacks, such as Warheads or Skittles because they trigger salivary glands at least according to my experiences. Just thinking about their flavor causes my glands to produce a massive quantity of saliva.

If you’ve stayed away from taking drugs for at minimum 48 hours and followed all the steps outlined above, then you’d be safe. You can flip a bird over to the anxiety that you’re experiencing and go in the lab technician’s workplace as if you were a boss. If you’re planning to take the Saliva Swap Test anytime soon I wish you every success, and I hope you don’t get a negative outcome or a false positive.