The Natural Sources of Vitamin C for Skin & Hair

Vitamin C

There are many skin care products in the market for beauty products that claim to have vitamin C-rich ingredients that will help your hair and skin. We’ve compiled an overview of the most organic food sources of vitamin C you can eat to attain the perfect hair and skin of your goals.

Consuming vitamins, specifically Vitamin C is crucial and beneficial to our bodies. Actually, in our growing years we were advised to eat fruit like oranges since they’re an excellent supply of vitamin C. As we got older vitamin C began to find an area in our cosmetics cabinets as well as hair-care regimens too because of the numerous advantages it offers to hair and skin. However, is the use of products that are rich in vitamin C enough to reap the benefits of it? Have you realized that vitamin C-rich foods for your skin is also vital to keep the smoothness and beauty of your skin? There are numerous benefits that go unnoticed of vitamin C-rich foods for hair and skin, and, therefore, it is important to be included in your diet and in your skin and hair care regimen.

Today, we’ll discuss how important it is to take advantage of naturally-sourced sources of vitamin C, and how to include it in your diet and as a component of your hair and skin products for hair and skin care.

Why is Vitamin C Necessary for Skin?

When we think of Vitamin C we typically think of it as an anti-inflammatory nutrient as well as natural cure for annoying viruses and colds. But, you’ll be happy to know that eating vitamin C-rich foods to your skin could help avoid the wrinkles of ageing, improve the appearance of your skin, increase blood vessels, and boost blood circulation.

It’s almost a divine benefit to be blessed with these commonly identified nutrients that have a variety of advantages for your hair and skin. Additionally, since there are many organic source of vitamin C it’s the one of the most powerful and affordable ways to enjoy healthy and healthy hair, shiny nails, and glowing skin. Additionally, vitamin C is responsible for maintaining and generating collagen that is a protein that can be found in the connective tissue in our body.

Collagen aids in keeping your skin healthy and firm, as well as youthful. It in turns helps fight premature aging. There are a variety of vitamin C supplements that can benefit your skin including citrus fruits like lemons amla, grapefruit oranges, sprouted grains as well as green leaves of vegetables.

Naturally sourced sources of Vitamin C food items for skin

Naturally-sourced sources of vitamin C-rich foods are your hair’s and skin’s most trusted companions. As mentioned above they provide a number of advantages and are tasty to eat for an additional benefit. They are one of the most well-known and healthy food source of Vitamin C.


The tangy fruit is among of the most source of vitamin C. It also aids in creating a skin that appears young. Vitamin C found in oranges aids in the creation of collagen, which improves the elasticity of your skin and elasticity, which in turns fights appearance of ageing. Additionally the citric acid found in the fruit’s juice reduces the oiliness that occurs in summer and combats acne breakouts. For the best results, you should start eating oranges regularly to maintain an acne-free skin.

Additionally, the orange peel is also a rich source of Vitamin C even higher than the fruit itself and is also used in different products for natural skin care.

Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is an incredibly delicious dessert that can be enjoyed with bread and in your preferred selection of vegetables. The good thing is that tomato juice contains natural vitamin C for your face and can help protect you from UV light. The tomato’s lycopene is a natural sun-protectant and has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce puffiness and redness.

Furthermore, tomato juice could aid in the prevention of certain chronic illnesses and can further enhance its benefits.


Broccoli is a potent source of many nutrients, among them vitamin C. The veggie is high in antioxidants that help slow the signs of premature ageing on skin and assists in reverse the process. The consumption of broccoli on a daily basis boosts the production of the glucoraphanin that the body uses to digest into sulforaphane. It is a chemical that aids in the repair of skin. In addition, broccoli may assist in the prevention of skin cancer and skin damage because of prolonged exposure to radiation from UV.


Kiwifruit is a powerful fruit that is rich in vitamin C as well as a variety of other nutrients. It is utilized to treat low immunity, and for its refreshing properties in the summertime. Kiwifruit isn’t just tasty to eat but also beneficial for hair and skin too. The laxatives found in the kiwifruit help cleanse the digestive tract, whose obstruction results in boils and acne.


Grapefruit is an exotic subtropical citrus that is renowned for its many benefits as a result of its high content of Vitamin C. The experts believe that taking just a quarter of grapefruit could provide up to 80percent of your daily requirements of vitamin C, and up to 6% of the vitamin A needs. When it is consumed or absorbed through the skin, assists in the reduction of acne, blemishes and also nourishes your skin.

Strawberry Juice

Strawberry is a great food source of vitamins C and potassium, and magnesium. These vitamins and minerals are vital for a glowing and healthy skin. When you eat strawberries, whether in their entirety and in the form of juice, you will be able to deeply purify your skin soften it, and shield yourself from UV rays whenever you travel. Also, it’s important to note the taste of the fruit!

Kale Juice

We’re all in agreement. Kale isn’t our favorite however, it does have incredible benefits and is beneficial to your hair, skin, and your body. Vitamin C-rich kale reduces the appearance of fine lines and skin problems, and helps you have smoother and healthier skin. A glass of Kale juice in the morning can provide incredible benefits for your body and skin.

Pineapple Juice

The final item that we have on our list, pineapple isn’t a magical fruit for no reason. The pineapple is rich in vitamins C, as well antioxidants which aid in combating acne, repairing the damage to your skin and helping you improve your skin tone.

These are the top of the top foods that are loaded with vitamin C that is naturally present in the skin and face. These must include in your diet routine for the most immediate and effective outcomes.

Nature-based Sources of Vitamin C for application to the skin

With an appreciation of how important of vitamin C as well as the kinds of foods and vegetables that are rich in the vitamin, let’s take a examine the ways that you can include them in your routine.

There are two optimal ways to get maximum use of vitamin C. Include it in your diet as well as in topically applied products.

Incorporating Vitamin C in Diet

One of the most simple and effective ways to reap the most benefit of vitamin C by eating the vitamin C-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. You can consume the fruits or vegetables in the morning, or consume them in liquid form in the form of juices. When you take vitamin C daily, your entire body will reap the benefits of these nutrients, and you will have flawless and smooth skin healthy hair, and good immune system.

However, taking Vitamin C directly isn’t going to aid in treating skin issues because the nutrients won’t penetrate the skin’s top skin layer of the skin.

Topical Products

The other method of utilizing vitamin C is to do so with the aid of topical products. Topical products are perfect for those who want to see results immediately and wish to apply the products to address a specific issue. For instance, using these products directly onto the skin that is prone to acne or suffers with hyperpigmentation will yield superior results than taking it in the form of food.

When selecting a cosmetic product that is high in vitamin C be sure that you only purchase organic brands like Pure Sense, as some products could contain chemical compounds that could cause irritation to your skin.

Pure Sense – 100% Natural Brand

We advise you to go with Pure Sense since it’s an all-natural brand that provides a variety of products for hair care, skincare and facial skincare products made from organic herbs and flowers. Pure Sense is an eco-friendly brand that is free of chemical ingredients, no parabens or cruelty, and there’s no sulphate, and no preservatives. There are no flimsy claims or false claims, as well as no known carcinogens.

Try Grapefruit Revitalising 3-in-1 Mask Scrub, Cleanser and Mask Combo from Pure Sense that combines all the benefits of grapefruit in one single package. The combination is rich in grapefruit, and is designed to cleanse and improve the appearance of your skin. Additionally, the combination is loaded with Capric Triglyceride which will nourish and moisturize your skin for acne-free and soft skin.

Based on the results you want according to the desired outcomes, ingesting vitamin C into food or using it in an application product on the skin are two best ways to reap the advantages of Vitamin C.


Utilizing vitamin C supplements to your skin, you can have healthy, smooth and youthful hair and skin throughout all entire year. Ideally, you should include foods and vegetables that are high in Vitamin C in your daily routine. Also, as we’ve said earlier, you may also utilize natural products that contain vitamin C-rich fruit like Macadmia 3-in-1 Revitalizing Facial Mask, Scrub & Cleanser combination from Pure Sense on your face to get immediate results and lasting effects.