Top Cancer Hospital in India

Here are the top cancer hospitals in India. Numerous Indian cancer hospitals are globally perceived, with NABH and JCI licenses, and are exceptional with the gear expected to treat each type of cancer.

Top Cancer Hospital in India

Cancer is a medical problem viewed as a fatal sickness with no fix. Brought about by hereditary damage has aggregated over a long time. This life-threatening disease impacts people worldwide and they are looking for better and more affordable cancer treatment in India. Subsequently, various cancer patients from everywhere over the world travel to India to get treatment.

Numerous Indian cancer hospitals are globally perceived, with NABH and JCI licenses, and are exceptional with the gear expected to treat each type of cancer. These clinic units will give top-class examinations, screening, and treatment. This inspires cancer patients and their families to have faith in life.

Medanta – The Medicity

Medanta is one of India’s best cancer medical clinics, offering the best care to cancer patients. They are many top physicians in Medanta Hospital’s Oncology department. The specialists cooperate to guarantee that patients get the best cancer treatment in India. Surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and chemical treatment are totally used to treat cancer patients.

Tomotherapy H-D is another procedure that Medanta has dispatched. It is the world’s completely integrated picture-directed power balanced delivery structure. It empowers helical radiation conveyance, rapidly relieving tumors such as medulloblastomas and intense lymphatic leukemia.

Saifee Hospital, Mumbai

It is a premier multi-specialty hospital with state-of-the-art infrastructure and has become one of Mumbai’s most sought-after cancer hospitals, India’s best cancer hospital. Because Saifee Hospital treats the most cancer patients in Mumbai, they have a lot of knowledge in cancer treatment and employ the most experienced and qualified doctors and medical professionals.

A wide range of cancers including leukemia, prostate malignant growth, lymphoma, bosom disease, and cellular breakdown in the lungs, are dealt with completely and specialized at the clinic. The hospital employs recent technology such as Da Vinci Robotic Surgery to provide precise and accurate results with minimal intrusion.

This medical clinic is one of a handful of the emergency clinics in the country to offer Hyperthermia Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) which includes the removal of all noticeable cancers utilizing a remarkable blend of heat and chemotherapy.

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Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Tata Memorial Hospital is viewed as one of India’s best cancer clinics. It was founded in 1941 and is located in Mumbai’s Parel area. It provides very high-quality care at very low costs, and around 70% of its patients are treated for free.

Tata has replaced amputation surgeries with less invasive techniques, ensuring a high quality of life without affecting overall survival. Important event-free survival rates for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia have been achieved. Every year, 64000 patients from all around the world come to Tata. Every year, around 11,500 major procedures are conducted.

Apollo Cancer Specialty Hospital, Chennai

The Apollo Cancer Centre in Chennai is one of India’s best cancer hospitals, approved by NABH. The hospital has around 125 cancer surgeons, radiation oncologists, and diagnostic consultants. It is one of India’s top and best cancer hospitals, equipped with the latest radiotherapy technology like True Beam STX.

Apollo’s comprehensive planning approach incorporates a panel of expert medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists for the best cancer treatment in India.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi

The Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre are viewed as one of India’s initial pioneers in cancer research. The Rajiv Gandhi Institute provides a full range of oncology services. Surgeries, medicines, radiation therapy, and bone marrow transplant are only a few options available.

The Institute offers subsidized cancer screening services for early cancer detection. Since its beginning in 1996, the hospital has treated over 2 lakh patients, making it a seasoned facility. Trusted Hospital in Oncology Award was given by India today.

HealthCare Global, Bangalore

Bangalore’s HealthCare Global is India’s largest cancer treatment center. The hospital strives to deliver the best service possible through innovative equipment and dedicated and well-trained healthcare providers. The hospital strives to provide high-quality healthcare at a reasonable cost in India.

Hospitals can use it as a benchmark to keep their quality up to international standards, which aids in continuous improvement.

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute

Kokilaben Hospital was opened in 1999 and gave complete cancer treatment, care, and medical procedure. The Hospital is focused on conveying thorough care in the most safely, private, and honorable way conceivable.

Full-time experts help with treating basically sick patients and have performed over 6300 cancer-related medical procedures to date. For the best cancer therapy in India, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital features different organizations like a 24-hour excellent pharmacy store, a Prayer Room, a Travel Desk, and Accommodation for patient relatives.

One of India’s top cancer clinics furnishes patients with careful arrangements and the most recent IT advancements.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi

One of India’s most technologically advanced cancer hospitals is Indraprastha Hospital. The Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is located in Delhi and was founded in 1983. The Apollo Cancer Institute is an exclusive cancer treatment center of the hospital.

Clinical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant, Cyberknife, and Tomotherapy are among the administrations given by the foundation. Advanced cancer therapy technologies such as Robotic Surgery, Novalis Tx, and Linear Accelerator are now available.

The Hospital’s HOPE program offers various wellness services and support seminars for cancer patients and their families. In India, the Apollo Hospital Group has treated over 7 00,000 inpatients and 25 00,000 outpatients.

Adyar Cancer Institute, Mumbai

Adyar Cancer Institute was established in 1954, making it one of India’s oldest, most famous, and all-around regarded government cancer facilities. It is South India’s first medical institute dedicated solely to cancer research and treatment.

Every year, the hospital treats around 15,672 cancer patients with 1,40,935 of them returning for follow-up care. Almost 60% of cancer patients receive free lodging and boarding at the Adyar Cancer Institute. They provide treatments with the best quality at a low cost.

The hospital has been modernized with advanced technology and equipment for the best cancer treatment. Linear accelerator and fast arc therapy are examples of available technologies.

Fortis Malar Hospital Chennai

Fortis Malar Hospital was opened in 1992 and is one of India’s latest and top oncology medical clinics. They employed a highly qualified, experienced, and committed specialist.

Fortis Malar Hospital has top Senior Consultants with high involvement with clinical oncology. With chemotherapy, designated treatment, hormonal treatment, and immunotherapy, Fortis Malar Hospital is devoted to giving compassionate care and individualized and best treatment for different various cancer types.

Bottom line

These are the best emergency hospitals with regard to cancer treatment in India, and from the above best hospital list, you can track down the utilization and the best one for your purpose. These hospitals treat cancer patients well and are awesome for any approaching cases.

There are various other good cancer hospitals in India that provide premium treatment facilities. Not only the quality of cancer treatment but also the cost of cancer treatment in India is also one of the factors making Indian hospitals a preferred medical tourism destination for cancer patients.