Treatment For Mid Back Pain

mid back pain

The middle back, back pain is a common condition that can be felt as tightness, discomfort and tension around the back. The thoracic spine has less flexible movement range than that of the lower or lower back. This means it’s less prone to injury than the other regions. However, thoracic pain could nevertheless occur due to improper posture, excessive use, or even trauma to the region.

The principal purposes of the thoracic spine is to stabilize as well as protect the spinal cord, and serve as an attachment point for muscles of the ribs as well as other groups.

What is the cause of mid back pain?

Lifestyle aspects:

This is due to poor posture as well as obesity, inactivity, and smoking, all of which are predisposing factors. Unfortunately, there is no way to stay away from aging which is both a predisposing as well as the cause.

Strain and sprain:

A an abrupt, jerky motion like a sports injury or lifting something that isn’t done correctly heavy could cause stretching or even tearing ligaments, muscles or tendons, resulting in the back to hurt.


collisions, falls and sports may trigger back pain. While it’s not common it is possible to experience pain in this part of the thoracic spinal spine or the mid back may result from an inflammation of the costovertebral joints which can cause severe discomfort. When it’s identified, it can be well treated by acupuncture.

A bulging and Herniated discs:

More unusual is the severe back pain that is due to disc bulges. When the discs that line the thoracic spinal spine get inflamed, bulged, or ruptured and pressurized, the nerves can result in extreme back discomfort. The treatment is available in the clinic. Treatment likely to include the use of acupuncture to relieve local, muscular spasms and inflammation and gentle spinal mobilisations. Sometimes, it is needed to refer you towards you general practitioner or consultant for a reassessment with the intention of receiving a local injection with an steroid. This is something the general practitioner or medical professional will perform.


As we age and engage in repetitive activities the cartilage that protects the spinal joints deteriorates which results in the joint space becoming narrower and the surfaces getting rougher. This could result in the bones colliding to cause pain in the middle of the back. This can be alleviated by a combination of hands on treatment and Acupuncture.

What are the signs of Mid back pain?

The pain that people experience in their backs is often described in a variety of ways, such as tenderness stiffness, or tightness. Patients report their discomfort as numb sharp or stabbing, and may be associated with a burning sensation in the back of the middle.

Other side effects that can occur with back pain in the middle can include:

  • Muscle pains
  • The pain radiating to other parts within your body for example the neck, shoulders or hips
  • Tingling or numbness in the chest
  • Chest pain

The majority of chest pains are caused by rib issues Your ribs are attached to your spine in the back, and at the front, they connect to the chest or sternum similar to the handle of a bucket. When you are experiencing symptoms of chest pain we’ll always refer you with your general practitioner to be 100% certain that there isn’t another underlying issue.

Treatment options for mid Back Pain

Osteopathy is a comprehensive healthcare technique that can be beneficial for pain in the mid back. The skilled osteopaths employ hands-on methods to offer specific relief and address primary causes of discomfort. We know that pain can result from a variety of factors, such as improper posture or muscle imbalances, stiff joints, or stress. With delicate manipulations, stretching and focusing on soft tissues of the body, osteopaths are able to relieve tension, reduce inflammation, and help improve the motion and alignment of the spine. We might also offer advice on how you can enhance your posture and organize your workspace in a way that is ergonomic and suggest workouts that strengthen your muscles that support your lower back.

Acupuncture can be a secure and non-invasive method of treating mid back discomfort. It can be utilized as a stand alone treatment or as a part of a complete treatment plan to treat mid back pain, bringing relief and stimulating the body’s self healing processes. Acupuncture can help by stimulating endingorphins the body’s natural pain relieving chemicals, as well as reducing inflammation. It can reduce discomfort, enhance the muscle’s relaxation and boost blood flow to the area affected.

Other options for treatment include massage therapy like deep tissue massage and physical therapy for recovering flexibility and enhancing posture.

There are many ways to treat your lower back pain. It starts by listening carefully and taking a thorough look before forming an customized treatment strategy.

We will discuss to you about the root of these symptoms. We will also explain what you are able to do to help and the time frame for treatment and what the cost will be. If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll begin the treatment and will give you a homework.