Veneers: Questions You Need to Ask Your Dentist


A bright, healthy smile can be a dream for many who have suffered from cosmetic dental problems for years. Compared to past decades, people have a variety of advanced options to choose from and fix their visual dental issues to have a brilliant, flawless smile. Among all these fantastic treatments that cosmetic dentistry offers, cosmetic veneers provide the quickest paths to having your dream smile and make you more confident than before. Whether you want to remove your dental stains or cover a tooth that is chipped, dental veneers can give you satisfying results. As a dentist near Vaughan explains, although dental veneers are significantly beneficial, it’s essential to be correctly informed before starting the treatment. It’s highly recommended to gain all the necessary information about what dental veneers are, how they work, and how you can increase their lifespan. But what is the best way to gain all this information and become adequately aware? The best way to achieve the answers to your questions is to consult with an experienced and reliable cosmetic dentist. Here we list helpful questions to ask in a one-on-one consultation with your dentist.

How to Know If I’m an Excellent Candidate to Get Dental Veneers?

Although cosmetic veneers are one of the best and most popular treatments in cosmetic dentistry, it doesn’t mean that they are right for you. Generally speaking, patients with the following situations can be great candidates to get veneers.

  • You have severely stained teeth.
  • You have a lot of spaces between your teeth.
  • Your teeth have minor cosmetic issues like being chipped, misshapen, or cracked.
  • You have a lot of tooth enamel in place.
  • Your oral hygiene is good overall.

How Long Does It Take to Get Cosmetic Veneers?

It’s wise to ask about the timeline as you may be required to visit your dentist for two or three appointments to get veneers. Generally, you need an initial aesthetic consultation and dental observation in the first appointment when your cosmetic dentist decides whether you are a good candidate. The next appointment will be about the professional steps of getting veneers, including designing your customized veneers, preparing your teeth, and fitting the dental veneers.

What Can I Eat After Getting Veneers?

Most people usually can eat as they used to a few days after having dental veneers. However, there are some recommendations if you want to make your cosmetic veneers more durable, including:

  • Use a fork and knife instead of biting foods with your front teeth.
  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene.
  • Avoid foods like hard candies and hard and sticky foods.

You can ask your cosmetic dentist for more tips to increase the lifespan of your veneers.

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Do Dental Veneers Have Any Other Alternatives?

It makes sense to consider and ask about other alternatives before getting dental veneers. Ask your cosmetic dentist about other proper options to achieve a healthy, perfect smile and compare them with dental veneers to see which one can better meet your needs. 

There are many other questions to ask your cosmetic dentist to be perfectly guided. Remember that your cosmetic dentist also needs to be experienced and reliable to give you valid and helpful answers.