What other ailments Diabetes before insists in men


About Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease in men and women especially in the age group starting from 30. Diabetes usually is of two types, Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2. Each type of diabetes has its symptoms and problems associated with it. Diabetes in the general sense means excess blood sugar level or blood glucose level. This happens due to the deficiency of insulin in the body extreme stages of diabetes require a person to take insulin shots.  Diabetes can cause various other second problems that include erectile dysfunction for which one might have to take medicines like Cenforce 200.

Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases

 diabetes has been proved to rapidly increase the risk for various other cardiovascular diseases and illnesses which may include heart attack, stroke or narrowing of the arteries. Atherosclerosis Or narrowing of the arteries is a very serious kind of cardiovascular problem that especially affects men. Also increases the risk of diseases related to coronary artery and angina or chest pain. If diabetes is not treated at an early stage one might have to take medicines like Vidalista 40.

Neuropathic disorder

The increased level of glucose or blood sugar level directly injures the walls of the underlying blood vessels and arteries. Once the walls of the nerve cells are affected it may stop their usual working and cause numbness to the particular organ. This usually happens initially at the fingertips or to the limbs as a whole.

Damage to the kidney

kidney damage or nephropathy is the most common disease which is caused in men from diabetes full stop kidney is the most important filtering organ of the body which philtres all the west from our blood full stop the kidney is composed of which is caused in men from diabetes. The kidney is the most important filtering organ of the body which philtres all the West from our blood. The kidney is composed of millions of Small blood vessels, the clusters of these tiny blood vessels are known as glomeruli. An increase in blood glucose levels directly affects these glomeruli Which leads to kidney damage. The last stage of natural Patty is kidney failure requiring dialysis.

Visual disorder

Since diabetes is a disease that directly affects the nerve cells and the walls of the north vessels this can affect and take place in any sensory organ of the body. The sensory organ to be affected is the eyes first I have a very delicate set of nerves which helps us in clear vision the nerve cells related unconnected to the retina are what help us see an object. If the nerve cells of the eye are affected due to diabetes our vision becomes blurred and can lead to various diseases related to the retina. This may even lead to eye transplantation. Diabetes retinopathy In its severe stage makes all diseases like cataracts. digitallabstudios

Delay in healing

If someone is already suffering from diabetes and he undergoes any surgery it will take more time than usual to heal. Even if a man injures himself with a cut, there will be a delay in healing. This is all because he has high sugar levels in his blood which delays in fast coagulation of blood. This is another reason why doctors and physicians ask prior a surgery if a person has diabetes and of what type. The surgery and other medications that will follow will then be adjusted by the person’s sugar level.

skin diseases

skin diseases are another common problems that owe their origin to diabetes. Pause and suffering from diabetes type one or diabetes type 2 surely have dry skin. Dry skin may even lead to breaking off the epidermal layer. This would lead to shedding of skin if an adequate amount of medication is not taken or moisturizers are not applied.  Skin diseases do not available severe problems and are troublesome diseases.

Hearing disability

Hearing disability is also related directly to the nerve cells that are affected new 2 diabetes will start diabetes not only affects the nerve cells of the lives and the eyes but also the year. The auditory nerves become impaired add oh person loses his ability to hear. Extreme stage hearing impairment may lead to the usage of machines that aid hearing.

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is an extreme result of untreated diabetes if a person does not control his fu with a minimum amount of sugar in it then a person may have Alzheimer’s in the later half of his life stop this is a very common problem, especially in men with diabetes. Diabetes is a disease which requires a stable diet with a minimal amount of sugar in it. Excess sugar zero keeps on increasing the risk of various other diseases as severe as Alzheimer’s disease. Leading to the usage of medicines like Fildena 150.