What Should You know About Tooth Extraction?


Tooth extraction may be a scary word. In other words, most of us get frightened when we hear there is no way to save a tooth. When a dental specialist decides to remove your tooth, it will be done to maintain the patient’s oral health and his other teeth. If you are among those, who will have their teeth removed and do not have any idea about it, continue reading this article. We asked an experienced dental specialist performing tooth extraction in North York to give us some helpful information in this regard.  

When Is It Needed to Extract A Tooth?

In many cases, the priority of a dental specialist is to save the patient’s tooth. There are various dental treatments to help the dentist in this regard. When a tooth is broken or a chip, when a dental filling or dental veneer needs repair, the dental expert does his best or high-quality dentistry tools to provide a situation for the patient to live with his natural tooth. But, unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, sometimes the damage is so severe, and the dentist cannot repair or save the tooth, and tooth extraction will be suggested.

When there are infections or caries that have reached the root of the tooth, and the structure of the tooth is in danger, or when a sudden trauma or severe injury has happened, tooth extraction will be applied.

Besides, when you decide to undergo orthodontic treatment, the dental expert may decide to extract one or more than one of your teeth to get the desired, successful result.

There is also another situation that needs extraction. Some wisdom teeth may get impacted and bother the patient. In this case, the dentist will go through removing the tooth.

 If a child is dealing with a tooth that does not fall out at a specific time, the dentist may extract the tooth to create enough space for new teeth.

Is It Painful?

Do not get afraid. Believe it or not, you will not feel any pain during the extraction process since the dental specialist will completely numb the area using anesthesia. Later, when the process is finished, you may feel some discomfort in the area. To control this, you can take over-the-counter pain pills. There are also some other ways to help that the dentist will suggest to you. If you are feeling an increase in pain as time goes on, give your dentist a call.

How Long Does It Take To Feel Ok?

It will take just a few days to feel ok. In other words, it is better to take a rest for two days. Do not do any heavy activity. The site should heal completely for two weeks, but still, your dentist may ask you to make an appointment to make sure everything is going well and looking good.

If you cannot tolerate the pain during these two days, you can disturb your mind. Watch TV, or read books. You can also ask a friend to visit you. But forget to do any sports. Otherwise, the healing process will not pass as soon as you expect.