When Does a Tooth Need Root Canal Therapy?


Root canal therapy is one of the most complex dental treatments. For this reason, most dentists prefer to refer their patients to endodontists for root canal therapy. In this article, we explain the reasons for the need for root canal therapy and its different stages in simple language. But before that, it is necessary to explain the tooth structure briefly.

A dentist performing root canal therapy in Toronto states that in most cases, tooth decay causes the tooth to need root canal therapy. If tooth decay passes through the enamel and dentine barrier and reaches the dental pulp, the inflammation caused by the presence of bacteria causes inflammation in the pulp. This inflammation, in turn, causes pain in the tooth in several different ways. In these cases, root canal therapy is recommended to relieve pain, remove infected and inflamed tissue, and ultimately prevent tooth loss. In rare cases, such as injuries caused by trauma to the tooth or very advanced gum diseases, a tooth without decay also needs root canal therapy.

When Should We See a Dental Root Canal Specialist?

Any pain felt in the tooth’s root does not require a visit to a specialist. In many cases, you should first be examined by a general dentist, and initial examinations will begin. If it were possible to treat the toothache with the usual methods, then your problem would be solved, but when it was determined after the imaging that the infection rate is high.

The treatment of toothache requires basic and serious treatment in the field of pulp. If It has a tooth root, it informs you to go to the relevant specialist to continue the treatment and follow it up seriously.

Care After Root Canal Therapy

The tooth pain is significantly reduced after the treatment, but this does not mean that you should be completely indifferent to the condition of the treated teeth. The care after the root canal therapy is as important as the root canal therapy itself, and it will ensure the complete recovery of the gums and teeth. The points that you should pay attention to in the aftercare include the following:

  • Only eat hard foods and fruits once you have filled the tooth.
  • Full and regular use of the drugs prescribed by the doctor after treatment.
  • Using painkillers prescribed by the doctor to relieve tooth root pain after treatment.
  • Brushing after treatment is possible, but you should not use dental floss because it may cause problems dressing the tooth’s root.
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How Long Should We Not Eat Anything After Root Canal Therapy?

Dentists recommend not eating anything for the first hour after the treatment. Of course, give more time to your mouth and teeth, which is much better.

The next thing to pay attention to is that the filling material in root canal therapy is a layer in the tooth’s root, and you should only eat solid food once the tooth is filled. Also, until you have a dental appointment for full tooth filling, use the teeth on the opposite side to chew food.

Once you have filled the tooth, there is no need to worry, and you can eat the foods you want with peace of mind.