Everything You Need to Know About Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal Fat Removal

Are you reading the term for the first time? We all have buccal fat removal pad. Yeah, it’s there between your facial muscles. it is the rounded mass of fat that is present in the middle of our cheeks. The hollow area beneath your cheekbone is commonly known as buccal fat pad. Its size affects the shape of your face. So, they vary to a great extent. The larger the buccal fat pads, the more round the cheeks look. Sometimes, the shape also tends to give a look of a baby shape as per the fat muscles.

Most of the women and men in the world are becoming very particular with their faces. Having a perfect jawline and cheek size is what they are dying for. According to today’s world, the round face is not considered to be modern. So, youth is running behind perfection and trending fashion. Getting smaller cheeks is one of them. Toned cheeks can be attained with plastic surgery where buccal fat removal is done. If you are also interested in the same, then this blog will be beneficial for you. Stay tuned to know about potential complications and procedures!

About Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal is a plastic surgery known by other names like cheek reduction surgery and buccal lipectomy. The buccal fat removal is done by removing buccal fat pads in the cheeks. It will reduce the cheeks and define facial angles. There are two of conducting the surgery, alone and with different forms of plastic surgeries like facelift, rhinoplasty, botox injections, chin implants, lip augmentation.

Are you eligible for buccal fat removal?

As it is plastic surgery, you need to fulfill certain conditions. There are certain guidelines that are to be fulfilled. These are as follows-

a. You need to have a healthy weight

b. You must have good physical health

c. A round fuller face

d. (the most important point) you have a disliking for your round fatty cheeks

e. Pseudoherniation syndrome

f. You are non-smoker

g. Seeking facial feminization surgery

Other Guidelines for Buccal Fat Removal

1. Narrow face: If you have a narrow face then you are not eligible for the same. If you still try it despite being a natural thing then it can cause sunken cheeks with time.

2. In the case of Progressive Hemifacial Atrophy: it is also known as Parry-Romberg syndrome. If you are suffering from this syndrome, then buccal fat removal is not the best option for you.

3. Age Matters: Loose fat is not the best site to do buccal fat removal technique. In the otherwise condition, it will cause signs of facial aging and emphasize jowls.

The Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

If you want to get it done then you need to answer some questions to your plastic surgeon. Any medical history, specific goals, current medications, and drug allergies. Also, you need to share if you use alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. If you have undergone any surgeries in the past, then don’t be afraid to share.

Blood tests and getting some medications before sitting for the session are other pre-requirements. Know about Paul Giamatti Weight Loss

While Doing Buccal Fat Removal

1. Anaesthesia: You will be awake during the procedure, but don’t worry, no feeling of pain. A small amount of local anesthesia will be given to you. In case you are receiving multiple surgeries, then you will get general anesthesia.

2. Putting Pressure: An incision will be made by the surgeon. He will put pressure on the outside of the cheek to find the right amount of fat to be removed.

3. Removal of fat: The last step is cutting and removing the fat proceeding with closing the wound using dissolvable stitches.

Precautions You need to be very cautious for a few days like washing your mouth with a special mouthwash. Most importantly, you need to stick to only a liquid diet for a few days, and then you will be permitted to eat soft foods. As you will gradually heal, the swelling on the face and bruising will reduce. It almost takes three weeks to completely heal and your cheeks to settle and get into shape. Follow self-care tips and eating guidelines properly to accelerate the process and get the best results of the buccal fat removal.