What is Yoni Steaming? Some Facts Related to It

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Yoni steaming, also known with different names, vaginal teaming and V-steaming is an alternative health treatment with herbs. In this, the users expose their reproductive organs to steam for cleansing and enhancing their health. Yoni steaming is practiced in Central America, Indonesia, Thailand, Mozambique, South Africa. Mostly the herbs include wormwood, mug-wort, rosemary, basil. In many spas, the treatment is described as an ancient Korean treatment to ail their organs. The main motive behind it is to claim benefits like better health, boosting fertility, promoting healing after childbirth, treating hemorrhoids. Many women who are suffering from bloating, cramps, heavy bleeding, and exhaustion also try this health treatment.

How Does Yoni Steaming Work?

A steaming pot is used where multiple herbs are added to water. Women squat over it or sit on hot water to avail themselves of the most advantages. These herbs have medicinal properties that are why they are used to solve current issues. Many spas also say that the herbs can penetrate the tissues and help them in getting the desired results. Yoni steaming sessions generally last for 20 minutes to 45 minutes. Some also try the same at their home too.

Claims About Yoni Steaming?

Despite there being no research studies and shreds of evidence regarding yoni steaming still it is a popular holistic treatment. The related claims are cleansing of the vagina, rebalancing hormone levels, relieving from monthly bleeding symptoms, and many more. Other potential benefits of yoni steaming are-

  • Womb detoxification
  • Regulating monthly bleeding
  • Increased fertility
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Best way to treat stress
  • Relief from symptoms of menopause
  • Treatment for hemorrhoids
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Reduced headaches

What Safety Measures You Should Take?

If the steam is too hot, then you can get your vaginal delicate issues burnt. It can create many health issues for you. So, you have to be very careful with the session. Extra moist heat and the use of extra additives can increase the risk of having bacterial infections. If you feel uncomfortable during the session, move away from the steam. Avoid getting too close to the hot water and make sure the water is not too hot.

Hygiene and cleanliness are two pillars of yoni steaming. When you practice the session on unclean equipment, then you are inviting a lot of troubles for yourself, physically, financially, and emotionally. It is indispensable to use clean equipment and material to not fall into the trauma of experiencing side effects. It is not a bad thing to ask whether the spa staff have properly cleaned or how do they clean it to reduce infection risk.

If your main intention is to reduce the pH balance of your vagina then it is advised to first see your doctor beforehand. There are prescription treatments that you can avail of to restore pH balance that can be very effective.

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Whether the users acknowledge the variety of benefits of the treatment, there are no scientific shreds of evidence available to prove the same. Doctors also wouldn’t suggest it to females directly. It is just steaming. No research has given benefits of vaginal steaming.

Moreover, pregnant women must also first consult their doctor before deciding to try yoni steaming. It can be very dangerous for the growing fetus. As this technique involves using hot steam around the pelvis, so, mostly it is not recommended by doctors.

Keeping the law of balance, everything has some cons too along with having multiple pros. Similarly, yoni steaming includes second-degree burns, allergic reactions. If any woman accidentally takes more than prescribed steam and takes it more closely then it can also lead to vaginal infections. It has also the risk of burning the delicate tissues of private parts.

Wrapping Up Yoni steaming is a holistic treatment used in a few continents. The use of steam to treat the reproductive organs though has many benefits but they are not scientifically proven. Some dangerous aspects are also related to it. So, it is a very careful action to be taken by any individual. So, most doctors don’t nod to it frequently. Self-cleaning is the best way to pamper your vagina. Many doctors recommend that there is no such need of cleaning the vagina from inside.