8 The Best Scientifically Proven Ways To Grow Thicker Hair


Hair extensions and weaves are a great way for women to grow thick hair There are other natural methods to get thicker hair that are much cheaper and at same time provides you with lasting results. All you have to do is provide extra attention and care to how you wash and style your hair. It’s as easy as it gets!

If you’re in love with more full thick, dense strands and would like to find out how you can get the thickest hair in one month and a half, then you’re in for an amazing treat! We’ve prepared for you with eight tips that will help you build thicker hair without putting into any effort. Just a few changes to your hair styling and care routine can make all the difference in showing off more luscious locks.

8 Scientifically Proven Methods to Develop Thicker Hair

1. Oil Massage

Get back to the roots! Applying oil regularly can answer your question of how to grow long and thick hair naturally! It will help hold moisture and at same time keep healthy hair. They also contain antioxidants, which help nourish and restore hair follicles. As a youngster it is likely that you were being urged by your parents to apply oil regularly. It’s about time to take this advice seriously!

It’s coconut oil, or even a blend of nourishing oils and see the results for yourself. We are in love with the all-natural Indulekha Bringha Oil that has been scientifically proven to improve your hair’s condition in as little up to four months if you apply oil to your hair three times every week. It’s not just the legendary bringharaj plant, but also other powerful ingredients like vatadha, amla and svetakutaja. All the Ayurvedic herbs you’ve been exposed to for the best hair care.

2. Pay attention when you wash

For hair that is thicker A mild conditioner and shampoo such as that of Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner can help. It’s chemical and cruelty-free which soothes your hair and suitable for all types of hair. Its mild cleaning ingredients and fibre actives aid in ensuring that your hair stay clean and sturdy after each wash. A consistent application of products that don’t harm your hair will strengthen it and promotes the growth of thicker hair. A good conditioner will also ensure that your hair does not go through the process of losing the moisture needed to keep it easy to manage and smooth.

3. Make sure you are using products without chemicals

Be sure to look for products that aren’t contaminated with harsh and drying chemicals such as silicones and parabens because they can hinder the growth of your hair. We suggest that you get feet to an ayurvedic and plant-based product such as the Indulekha Bringha hair Strengthening Serum. Much like its oil counterpart this serum is non-greasy and light is packed with ingredients such as of bringharaj, amla, rosemary oil as well as almond oil and hibiscus which help strengthen hair’s roots. Because it not only feeds the hair’s inner lining but also prevents hair loss and thinning, it is the ideal serum when you’re looking for ways to grow thick and long hair. Four to five drops applied to freshly dried and washed hair every week is the most effective method to get it.

4. Dry your hair with a blow-dryer

Did you think that air drying might be the most beneficial method of improving your health hair? It’s not going to make you look like a floppy mess! All you have to do is rub your hair that is wet lightly using an old T-shirt made of cotton or a microfiber towel following a shampoo to help accelerate the drying process and then leave your hair loose for a few minutes without touching it or tying it.

5. Hair mask

To build a thicker hair it is essential to ensure it is clean and healthy at the beginning. Develop the habit of applying an repairing hair mask every each week, either once or twice after washing your hair. This will stop the hair’s from getting frizzy and dry, thereby encouraging a stronger and thicker hair.

You’re aware of the advantages of using Ayurvedic and non-toxic hair product. Just to remind that this mask utilizes the power of the bringharaj to prevent hair loss and dandruff as well as various oils like cedarwood oil and basil, to nourish and strengthen the hair. All you have to do is use a coin-sized portion of the mask and then apply it evenly on your hair for a period of three minutes prior to washing it off.

6. Make sure to gently comb

You’ll be amazed to learn that a regular, deliberate brushing can improve the thickness of your hair because it assists in spreading the natural oils which protect your hair from damage and improve its shine. Utilizing metal or plastic brushes with teeth that are crowded is a no-no! If you wish to keep the health of your hair it is essential to gently brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb.

Be sure you brush it and combing them prior to taking shower. Combing wet hair can cause extreme breakage and damage. Detangle your hair gently by holding small sections from the edges. The most effective method of brushing hair is to use a comb with care, not applying any force. Be careful not to over-brush as it could lift your cuticles hair, which can break it which can cause damage, result in dull hair.

7. Food is everything

Who doesn’t like sweet treats or deep-fried snacks? However, to ensure that your hair is treated with care, ensuring that you are eating right is essential! The majority of hair is made up of Keratin, a protein that is vital to the health of our hair. For the healthiest and most voluminous hair it is essential to have healthy, balanced meals. Also, set aside space on your table for protein-rich meals like fish and meats. If you’re a vegetarian and are unable to break eggs, opt for leafy vegetables such as pulses, beans and spinach such as your dals as well as berries, nuts and seeds! If you’re eating well it shows.

8. Try at-home solutions

You can always count on the traditional solutions for hair that is thicker. It’s not necessary to travel all over the world to get these ingredients, simply go in your own kitchen! The secret lies in these food ingredients as they be extremely effective in increasing the hair’s texture as well as quantity of hair. Castor oil and onion juice, as well as aloe vera gel avocado, coconut oil and aloe vera are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are good for hair and, as such, are believed to improve your hair’s texture between thin and thick.

Mix two or more ingredients to create an effective hair mask. Apply it on your hair and let it sit for approximately 30 minutes prior to washing off. Applying it every week will provide you with the hair you’ve always wanted.