How Long Does an Implanted Tooth Last?


As all of us know, the basic purpose of dental implant surgery is to beautify the valued patients’ smiles and help them to react confidently to handle complex situations. According to a professional dentist at a top dental clinic for dental implants in Scarborough, lost teeth can lead to various oral conditions, such as bone loss or teeth drifting, that can negatively affect your overall health and reduce the quality of your life. That’s why you should immediately schedule a time to have a thorough discussion with highly-dedicated dentists and determine if you are the proper case to achieve successful results from dental implant surgery. In this useful essay, the durability of this exceptional dental replacement is explained in detail because one of the common questions everyone asks before undergoing any restorative dental solution is whether these methods are strong enough to last a lifetime.

Top Tips about a Tooth Implant

Undoubtedly, among all available methods to get rid of tooth loss, the only one that has the potential to look and function naturally is a surgical procedure called a tooth implant because it is technically designed in a way to preserve all essential features of tooth loss from the crown until the root. Therefore, not only is your youthful face preserved, but you can also prevent severe conditions that may occur due to improper chewing.

Once you decide to eliminate the risk of further complications caused by lost teeth by undergoing this precious surgical option, you should find a well-reputed dental clinic that takes pride in working with equipped and professional dentists who know how to successfully install dental implants in the space caused by tooth loss. Once your highly-experienced dentists accurately check your mouth, teeth, and medical history, they should make their final decision that if this method can provide you with desired outcomes. If it is proven that you are appropriate cases for this highly-requested option, a titanium fixture should be accurately attached to the patient’s jawbones. Once this part of the surgery is done successfully, you should wait a long time, around four months, to ensure the jaw bone starts to grow naturally around the surgical area. Then another component, known as an abutment, responsible for keeping the tooth in its place, should be attached to the implant. Now it’s time to perform the last part of the procedure and place the actual tooth over the abutment. Luckily, in this technical and modern world, many materials are available to create artificial teeth. However, if you prefer to achieve the best possible look, ask your dentists to use ceramic to create your crowns.

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Dental Implants: A Solution forever

As mentioned previously, one of the common questions that patients may ask when they think of this successful method is whether they last for a lifetime. All experienced and dedicated dentists believe that those who take time each day to take care of their implanted teeth in the same as they do to keep their natural teeth clean and strong are more successful in preserving their implanted teeth healthy forever. Therefore, make your urgent appointments with sophisticated oral surgeons and enjoy the rest of your life with a set of healthy, clean, strong teeth.