What Services Can a General Dentist Provide?


The majority of dentists to provide services for patients are general dentists. You can easily make an appointment with a general dentist and see them at the nearest dental clinic for a checkup or treatment. General dentists are adequately trained and educated to provide services related to the general care of dental health and hygiene. General dentists can Perrin a variety of dental treatments instead of focusing on a single area of dentistry. According to a professional dentist in Newmarket, it doesn’t matter how old you are; general dentists can help patients of any age. There are many different services offered by general dentists, and you need this information to maintain your oral well-being. Furthermore, they can refer you to other experienced specialists if they find your condition too complicated to handle. Just like a family dentist, a general dentist can protect your oral health in the best way possible. Here we list the most common services offered by all certified general dentists.

Tooth and gum disease

Maintaining oral health is one of the most important priorities of patients. So, it’s essential to prevent dental problems as much as possible to protect your shiny smile. An experienced general dentist can evaluate, diagnose and treat various dental problems, including tooth decay and periodontal disease, the most critical ones. Your general dentist performs the most suitable treatment depending on your condition, such as tooth fillings or root canal therapy. 


If you have lost most of your teeth, it’s better to consider dentures as a practical option. Your general dentist can design a partial or complete denture due to your facial structure, needs and personal preferences. 

Preventive care 

Ideally, the most important responsibility of general dentists is to provide you with preventive dental care. You have to learn about the effective ways you can try to protect your teeth and gums. Furthermore, it’s essential to visit your general dentist at least twice a year to have full dental checkups. These examinations can help you prevent possible dental problems in the future. 

Cosmetic dentistry 

In addition to caring for your oral health, your general dentist can improve your smile visually. Your outlook on life is directly affected by your confidence level and your smile appearance. Although you may be relieved after filling your damaged tooth or treating your infected gums, you may still be dissatisfied with the look of your smile. Your discolored, misaligned and stained teeth can be corrected with the help of cosmetic dental services. Your general dentist can give you a beautiful, radiant smile by performing treatments like:

  • Dental veneers, crowns and bonding: If you want to hide your dental imperfections, veneers can amazingly help you. In a slightly different process, bonding can give you the desired tooth shape. Crowns or tooth-shaped caps are designed to cover a considerable part of your damaged or treated tooth and improve its appearance. 
  • Teeth whitening: If you are ashamed of smiling because of your discolored teeth, it’s time to try professional teeth whitening treatment. 

Find a reliable general dentist and ask all your questions if you need more information!