Are STD Tests Available At Urgent Care?


Perhaps you’re wondering if urgent care centers provide STD testing. It is feasible, yes. For yearly or routine testing, urgent care is not the ideal option. It’s possible that many people would rather avoid talking about the list of STDs. It’s crucial to select the appropriate testing option for you, though. Testing is available at most urgent care facilities.

Urgent Care STD Test

It is more common for people to visit urgent care than to their doctor’s offices, since they can usually walk in with no appointment. This makes it seem like a quicker choice.

Visiting an urgent care clinic can also help people avoid the embarrassment of visiting their usual doctor. Some people prefer to talk with a doctor or nurse they don’t know.

If your insurance covers urgent care, you may also visit the clinic. Patients may not be aware of the additional fees and copays. This may seem like a cheaper alternative to testing centers or clinics that don’t accept insurance. You may not be able to tell how much you will need to pay in cash, or if your insurance will cover STD tests at this lab.

Novelty STD Tests offer many of the benefits that urgent care does, but with a discreet, fast, and thorough STD test at specialized laboratories.

Novelty STD Testing lets you schedule an appointment the same day or the next, get out of the testing facility in less than 30 minutes and receive your results within a few days. Our test fees are comparable to urgent care or even less costly, and you don’t have to wait around in a long waiting room. After providing basic information online to a counselor, all you need to do is arrive for the testing and provide your relevant sample.

The entire test and the results you receive are strictly confidential. Novelty STD Testing doesn’t accept insurance so there won’t be any surprises when it comes to the cost. The results and records of the test will not be sent to your health insurance provider or added to your personal health record because Novelty STD Testing does not accept insurance.

Our professional care counselors can answer any questions you may have about the test process or results. They will also provide you with information, guidance, and support to help you achieve sexual well-being.

When should you go to urgent care instead of a testing facility?

Even though the testing experience at an urgent care center and one like Novelty STD Testing is similar in many ways, there are times when it’s better to go to the latter. It is generally best to visit urgent care for cases that do not require testing.

Urgent care centers are the best choice for situations that don’t require testing. They are unable to offer rapid testing and must send samples out to a third party lab. It can cause unexpected lab costs and delays.

You may be able get same-day treatment if you’re certain you have an STD because your partner is positive. It is common for them to require retesting before they can administer treatment. The clinic’s long queues can also increase wait times.

It may be tempting for you to go to your local urgent-care center to treat possible prevent STD symptoms. However, it’s recommended that you visit if there are injuries, vaccinations or a routine physical.

Should You Visit a Testing Facility Instead?

It is best to choose the most reliable testing method because STIs can be asymptomatic or sensitive. It is best to leave STD tests to reliable internet providers who specialize in lab-based STD testing, like Novelty STD Testing.

If you go to an urgent care facility for testing, it may delay your results, cause other patients’ wait times to be longer, and introduce unexpected lab charges. Novelty STD Testing, an online service that specializes in STD testing, provides quick, detailed, and private STD tests as well as peace-of-mind. Our testing is performed by CLIA certified and FDA approved laboratories.