How Does Stress Affect Skin Aging?


The Professional Master’s degree Antiaging designed by TECH delves not only into the most effective anti-aging techniques, but also into causes that speed up these processes and play a crucial role in patients’ health.

Is aging caused by the passage of time? Numerous studies have shown that external factors such as sun exposure or cosmetics can greatly influence the appearance of skin over time. However, genetics, eating patterns, and stress play an important role. This scientific evidence supports the content of the Professional Masters Degree Antiaging from TECH Technological university, an online postgraduate course focusing on prevention and treatment of aging.

If we believe that stress is a physical and emotional response to tension, whether it be temporary or persistent, then it should have an impact on health and appearance. Stress can manifest as headaches, fatigue, and muscle tension. However, the long-term effects of stress are seen in the hair and skin.

Insulin resistance is a marker of aging. It occurs naturally but can be increased if an individual is under high stress levels. The body’s tissues become less sensitive to insulin. This leads to fatigue, high blood pressure, and an increased risk of infection. This process can cause premature and rapid aging.

Visible Effects Of Stress

Stress can have devastating external effects. The skin, the largest organ in the body, reflects the emotional and physical state of the person. Stress can manifest in children and teenagers as acne. In adults, however, it can affect skin the elasticity and moisture of the skin. The visible effects could be irreversible if the distress situation persists over time.

Stress and anxiety can also affect hair color. Some research has shown that over time, sustained stress causes the hair follicles to lose the pigment that gives them their color. This results in grayer hair, or in severe cases, hair loss.

The medicine that aims to prevent aging is a medical field that focuses on the external effects and symptoms of aging. It also studies the emotional and physical causes which can accelerate aging. The focus of the anti-aging medicine is not only on aesthetics, although they are becoming more relevant. It also includes the health and well-being of the patient, in order to help them age as effectively as possible. TECH’s professional master’s degree in antiaging examines these issues based upon the most rigorous scientific research.

Re-learning Method

The Professional Master’s degree Antiaging of Technology is entirely developed online. The student can access the program content at any time, from any device during the 12-month training period. This allows them to manage their study time in a flexible manner and to adapt to individual schedules.

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The Re-Learning Method is based on self management and asynchrony. Multimedia capsules are used to present the contents in a dynamic and attractive way. They include audio, video, images, diagrams and conceptual maps.

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