Types 8 Scientifically Proven Methods To Grow Thicker Hair


Hair extensions and weaves are a great way to quickly get thick hair. However, you can also grow thicker hair naturally. This is less expensive but gives long-lasting results. You just need to pay extra attention to how you wash, style, and take care of your hair. It’s that simple!

How to grow thicker hair: the basics

You’re in luck if you want thicker hair in one month and are obsessed with fuller strands. Eight easy tips will help you grow thicker hair with minimal effort. You can flaunt thicker hair by making a few changes to your hairstyling routine and haircare.

Eight scientifically proven ways to grow thicker hair

1. Oil Massage

Literally, go back to your roots! How to naturally get thick and long hair? Regularly apply oil! Oil can maintain hair health and retain moisture. Oils contain antioxidants which nourish and repair the hair follicles. You were probably urged by your parents to apply oil regularly since you were a child. It’s time to take that advice seriously.

See the results for yourself, whether it’s coconut oil or an oil concoction. The all natural Oil has been clinically proven to improve your hair as quickly as four months when you oil it three times a week. The oil contains not only the bringharaj but also 10 other super herbs like amla and vatadha, which are all ayurvedic ingredients for superior haircare.

2. Take care when washing your hair

A mild shampoo and conditioner combo, such as the Dove Intense Repair Conditioner and Shampoo, will help you get thicker hair. It’s chemical-free and cruelty-free. It soothes your hair and is suitable for all types of hair. The gentle ingredients and fibres in this shampoo help to keep your hair clean, but strong. The use of gentle shampoos will strengthen your hair and promote thickening. A conditioner will also ensure that your hair retains the moisture it needs to be smooth and easy to manage.

3. Choose products that are chemical-free

Look for products free from harsh and drying chemicals such as parabens or silicones, which will hinder hair growth. You should use an ayurvedic, plant-based serum such as the hair strengthening Sérum. This non-greasy, lightweight serum, like its oil counterpart is infused amla, bringharaj and rosemary oil. It also contains almond oil, hibiscus and almond oil. It not only stops hair loss but also nourishes hair from the inside. This is the best serum for long, thick hair. The best way is to apply four to five drops to freshly washed and dried hair every two weeks.

4. Dry your hair with the air

Did you know air drying is the best way to improve the health of your hair? It won’t make you look like a frizzy mess either! After a hairwash, you can tap your wet hair with a cotton T shirt or microfiber towel to speed up the drying. You should leave your hair untied for a few minutes without touching it.

5. Hair mask

You need to maintain healthy hair and prevent it from breaking. Apply a repairing mask to your hair once or twice per week, after washing it. This will keep your hair from getting dry and frizzy, resulting in a stronger and thicker mane.

You know that ayurvedic and non-toxic hair products are the best. This mask uses bringharaj, which helps to prevent hair loss and dandruff, as well as oils such as basil and cedarwood to nourish and strengthen the hair. You only need to apply a small amount of the mask evenly to your hair and leave it on for three minutes.

6. Comb gently

Regular and deliberate brushing will increase the thickness of your hair. This is because it distributes natural oils which protect and enhance it. Plastic or metal brushes that have crowded teeth are no. To maintain the health and beauty of your mane it’s important to use a wide tooth comb.

Brush or comb your hair before you shower. Combing hair that is wet will cause severe damage and breakage. Holding small sections of your ends, gently detangle the hair. Use a comb to gently brush your hair. Avoid overbrushing, as this can cause damage to your hair by breaking the cuticles.

7. Food is important

Who doesn’t like deep-fried snacks and chocolate desserts? To give your hair the love it deserves, you must manage your diet! Keratin is the main protein that makes up our hair. To enjoy a healthy, voluminous hairstyle, it is best to consume a well-balanced diet. Make room on your table for foods that are high in protein, such as meats and seafood. If you are a vegetarian but can’t crack an egg, opt for green leafy vegetables, pulses, legumes, nuts, and berries. If you eat well, it will show.

8. Try natural remedies

For thicker hair, you can always rely on age-old remedies. You don’t need to go far to find them. Just look in your own kitchen. These food ingredients can improve the texture of your hair and increase its volume. Castor oil is packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for hair. Avocado, coconut oil, aloe gel, onion juice and avocado are all great options.

Combine one or more ingredients and you have a homemade hair mask. It is best to apply it and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing it out. Weekly use will give you hair that is the stuff of dreams.