Why mammography test is important for breast cancer?

breast cancer

A mammogram can be defined as an X-ray image or picture of the breast. It can be listed as one of the most common and effective imaging techniques. 

The device consists of two firm surfaces. The breast is compressed and widened by the surfaces. The doctors use a mammogram test to find the early signs of breast cancer. It is basically a screening test for breast cancer. This article focuses on the importance of a mammography test for breast cancer to create awareness.

Breast cancer awareness

  • Breast cancer

Breast cancer can be defined as a disease in which the cells in the breast, unlike normal cells, grow out of control. In order to determine the type of breast cancer, it is necessary to know which breast cells are transformed into cancerous cells. 

Many parts of the breast can get infected as a result of cancer spreading there. Lobules, ducts, and connective tissue make up the breast’s three main components. Dairy production occurs in the lobules, which are milk glands. 

The ducts are tubes that are responsible for carrying milk to the nipple. The connective tissue is responsible for holding everything together in the breast and is made up of fatty tissues and fibrous tissue. The mostly affected parts of the breast are ducts or lobules.  

Breast cancer can spread through the vessels of the blood and lymph vessels to the outside of the body as well. The term, metastasized, is used when breast cancer spreads to the other parts of the body. Though the survival rate in India is lower according to the statistics, with early detection and the right treatment provided, breast cancer can be cured. Consult the Best Hospital In Coimbatore for advanced breast cancer treatment and to find a cure for it.

The most common types of breast cancer are of two types :

  1. Invasive ductal carcinoma

This grows outside the the ducts spreading to other parts of the tissue of the breast but initially it begins in the ducts

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  1. Invasive lobular carcinoma

These cancer cells grow in the lobules and spread from the lobules to the breast tissues. Also, they can spread throughout the entire body.

  • The steps involved in a mammogram

An X-ray specialist will ask you to stand in front of it for a few seconds. Technologists will place your breast on a plastic plate for the procedure to begin. From above, you will feel another plate firmly pressing against your breast. The X-ray is taken while the plates hold and flatten the breast. You are likely to feel some pressure. In order to take the side views of the breast, the steps are repeated. It’s done the same way for the opposite breast as well. 

The other breast is scanned in the same manner. The duration of the mammography test may be 20 minutes. You may or may not experience discomfort during a mammography procedure. Every person reacts differently. Very few people experience discomfort due to the pressure or compression being applied to the breast during the procedure while most people tolerate it. 

Then, you may be asked to wait while the technologist checks the scan to make sure that the pictures are clear enough and do not need to be scanned again or to be re-done. You have to be aware that the technologist cannot convey you the results of your mammogram. Each woman’s breast is different and so are the results of the mammogram.

The cost of the mammography test may vary from person to person.  It is advised to you that you consult a medical professional regarding the mammogram test cost in Coimbatore. It is also advisable to women that they do not use any kind of perfumes, deodorants, breast creams or any kind of cosmetics. It is not a necessity that women must prepare themselves for a mammography test or before a mammography test is taken. It is a must that the women undergoing a mammography test should inform the doctor if they are nursing babies or if they are pregnant.

Why is the mammogram test important?

The mammogram test usually takes only a few minutes. It is considered as the best and the most efficient test for finding out or spotting breast cancer by doctors. In a mammogram hospital, a radiologist – a doctor with special training, will read the mammogram scans. The radiologist may look for a symptom or sign for breast cancer or if you have any other defects or problems. 

The mammograms are a part of a physical exam that is regular. It provides a basic reference to detect any unusual changes in your breast. It has lowered the risk of people dying from breast cancer. A mammogram test can also help your doctor or healthcare provider if he or she must proceed with more testing in case they find any kind of lump, unusual growth or any kind of changes in your breast. 

It also helps in the detection of minute or small lumps that can’t be felt even during the physical examination. Mammography can be still possible for a person with implants or for a person who had his or her breast cancer surgery.

Mammography is proven to be the best defense test against breast cancer as it is the best breast mammogram screening test used to diagnose or spot breast cancer or diseases in its early stages even if physical exams fail to spot breast cancer or diseases. 

The mammogram screening test is important because it lets you know if you have breast cancer. Research shows that mammography increases the survival of breast cancer among people. Mostly, you will be provided with the results within a few weeks. 

The radiologist after having read your mammogram reports it to your doctor and you. And it is necessary that you take a mammography test regardless of whether you have symptoms or not as it makes early detection possible.

The mammogram results 

If your mammogram tests are normal, do not forget to get your mammograms at regular time intervals as recommended by your doctor. Your recent mammograms can be compared with your previous mammograms by your radiologist to find out any changes. If your mammogram tests turn out to be abnormal, it may be cancer or other breast problems. 

The doctors may do a breast cancer screening additionally or you will need to do additional mammograms or exams or tests for the radiologist or doctors to tell you for sure or to be certain about your results. Once the results are certain, your doctor may take the best course of action for you.

Mammography is the best breast cancer screening tool. It has the best combination of specificity and sensitivity. Mammography fulfills its purpose of not just screening or detecting breast cancer at a very early stage but of saving lives by increasing the rate of survival of women affected by breast cancer.